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Unveiling the Fallacy of NOTA: Strengthening Democracy's Core

I personally believe, NOTA is something which is bad for our democracy due to innumerable reasons. People who prefer to press the NOTA button, under the guise of showing their right to dissent, these voters are actually conveying a lack of faith towards all the candidates. By presenting this petty act of ignorance, they forget that voting rights are meant for election and not for rejection because rejection rejects the very polity of democracy.

Polity of democracy states that a public representative is chosen 'of, from, and by the public'. Advocates of NOTA ruin this character of democracy by removing the 'of, from, and by', which is somewhere largely affecting the very foundation of democracy!! Another important factor states that, if we vote for NOTA then we are wasting our precious vote. As NOTA doesn't hold any electoral value, so the candidate with the maximum vote share after NOTA still be the winner, which can lead to wrong person getting into power!!

Talking about the judgements on the NOTA, when the supreme court directed the option to be implemented, it did not suggest any remedy to the results that it would lead to. If the percentage of NOTA votes is more than 50%, the election shall be annulled and a re-election shall be organized with a fresh list of contenders. But the court hasn't as well pointed that for how long the rejected contestants shall remain forbidden or if they can fight elections from other constituencies?

When an election is called off due to a huge section of voters choosing none of the above, will it be justice even when a sincere candidate gets turned down? This is eventually possible because the negative vote is a vote against all the aspirants.

Two major critiques of NOTA can be simply explained-

Firstly, elections are held to elect the representatives of the people. The process of NOTA goes contrary to the electoral process of the country. In the current climate, where people say all the candidates are tainted, if the suggestion of NOTA is accepted by all the voters all over the country, then the result will be that no one will get elected. This will make the electoral device dysfunctional. Hence, it defeats the purpose of holding elections. Also, it makes democracy impossible and we may face a situation of anarchy. However, fortunately, such a scenario is unlikely because it is inconceivable that a large number of voters will go for NOTA.

Secondly, in reality, most often, a large majority of voters are actually taken to the polling booths. They are persuaded to vote on the basis of various kinds of temptations or under threat. It is unlikely that a voter will stand in a queue and then vote NOTA. They would rather stay at home.

Why would they waste their time and energy when they didn't find any candidate deserving, and having an option like this will even lower the voting percentage.

Hence, for the conclusion I would only say that instead of procrastinating our fate and running from prevalent crises, instead of being ignorant about our responsibilities as citizens, and instead of sparing valuable time from our day once every five years to cast an invalid vote, let us put up a symbol of solidarity and decisiveness by preventing our democracy from being void and eliminating NOTA, which is NOT A good choice!

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