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Note:Income Tax Compliance Due dates-July 2024

The important due dates and deadlines for compliance-related tasks that a company or organization must complete are outlined in a compliance calendar. It helps reduce the risk of non-compliance and the accompanying financial or legal consequences by ensuring that all compliance-related duties and responsibilities are fulfilled promptly and effectively. Depending on the type of company, location, and industry, a compliance calendar contains due dates for reporting, tax filing, renewal, auditing, and other regulatory requirements. In this article, we will look at the compliance calendar for July 2024, which includes income tax compliances (PF/ESI)

Compliance Calendar for July 2024
Let's have a glance at the important due dates for income tax compliance (PF/ESI).
S.NO Due Date Forms to be Filled Period Who should file them?
1 07.07.2024 TDS and TCS liabilities to the Income Tax Department June 2024 To be filed by entities that are required to deduct tax at the source before making certain payments, such as salaries, interest, rent, commission, etc.
2 15.07.2024 TDS Certificate (Form 16B) May 2024 Form 16B is filed by the buyer of immovable property (like land, building, apartment) if TDS is deducted on the purchase of such property.
3 15.07.2024 TDS Certificate (Form 16C) May 2024 Form 16C is filed by the person who is responsible for paying any income or making any payment (other than salary) to a resident. It’s primarily related to TDS on rent.
4 15.07.2024 TDS Certificate (Form 16 D) May 2024 Form 16D is filed by the tenant (deductor) for TDS deducted on rent.
5 15.07.2024 Professional tax returns June 2024 Filing professional tax returns typically falls on the employers or the individuals who are liable to pay professional tax
6 15.07.2024 PF/ESI June 2024 Employers are required to deduct the specified amounts from employees’ salaries and contribute their share towards PF and ESI
7 15.07.2024 Quarterly TCS return (Form 26EQ) April-June 2024 TCS collector need to submit a TCS return every quarter.
8 30.07.2024 Quarterly TCS Certificate April-June 2024 Issuance of TCS certificate ( Form 27D) for Quarter 1 of FY 2024'25
9 30.07.2024 Challan cum TDS statement
[Tax deducted under 194IA (Form 26 QB), 194IB (Form 26 QC), and 194M (Form 26 QD)]
June 2024 To be filed by a contractor, an employer, or any person or entity making specified payments where TDS is required to be deducted as per the provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
10 31.07.2024 Deposit of quarterly TDS returns April-June 2024 Quarterly TDS returns (Form 24Q or Form 26Q) for April-June 2024 quarter
11 31.07.2024 Form No. 10BBB April-June 2024 Intimation in Form 10BBB by a pension fund in respect of each investment made in India for the quarter ending June 2023
12 31.07.2024 ITR Filing FY 2023-24 ITR Filing for assessees other than (a) corporate filer or (b) non-corporate filer (whose books of account are required to be audited), (c) partner of a firm whose accounts are required to be audited or (d) the spouse of such partner if the provisions of section 5A apply, or (d) a filer who is required to furnish a report under section 92E.

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