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Artificial Intelligence and Lawyers

What is AI?

Technology known as artificial intelligence, or AI, makes it possible for computers and other devices to mimic human intelligence and problem-solving skills.
AI is capable of carrying out tasks that would normally require human intelligence or assistance, either on its own or in conjunction with other technologies (such as sensors, geolocation, and robotics). A few instances of AI in the news and in our daily lives are digital assistants, GPS navigation, driverless cars, and generative AI tools (like Open AI's Chat GPT).

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that includes machine learning and deep learning, and is frequently discussed in conjunction with them. In these fields, artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that mimic human decision-making processes are developed with the ability to "learn" from available data and produce progressively more accurate classifications or predictions over time.

Will robots replace lawyers?

AI is surely the future, but technology is not mature enough to understand the legal aspects. That is true robots can read, summarise, perform research, they can digest long bodies of text and can develop skills but can they guarantee emotional support to clients? Understanding? And who will be responsible if they lose a particular case? Will they be able to understand the client-attorney relationship?

Confidentiality and security issues:

AI retains information with itself like ChatGPT stores information and use in other contexts, so there is possibility that they can restore all information about their clients, which as a result will hamper privacy. Also, robots tend to spouse nonsense, they are unreliable and our history of self-driving cars shows that we allow very low margin of error from machines.

Question of liability:

Who is responsible when robo-lawyers give disastrous advice. For instance, if a robo-lawyer is handling a case and give worst advice to the client, how the client will held him liable? Because when you buy a legal service, you also buy insurance, you want the guarantee that someone is accountable for the advice they give.

A client holds trust in abundance on his/her lawyer, that they will fight for justice on behalf of them, on the other side lawyers try their best to understand their client's situation and difficulty and provide them deserved justice and compensation.

There's nothing to disturb here. Since there is a lot on the line and we need to steer the process carefully, it makes sense that the legal community is a little cautious and conservative. Better services for legal consumers must eventually follow from these productivity increases, though. This level of technological advancement should ideally result in consumers getting more for less money.

It will require a significant shift in culture. The legal profession's business model needs to be completely altered. New technologies are undermining the billable hour model used by the majority of legal firms, which does not encourage efficiency. We can't claim that we weren't warned, and while it won't be simple, it will be worthwhile. We have been discussing this development for a very long time. We've had time to get ready. It's finally here, at last. It will sting. There will be a challenging moment of change. Still, there is no doubt that positive changes will occur in the legal sector. There is enormous potential to improve access to justice and establish a more reasonably priced legal sector.

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