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Who can own Property in Dubai?

We all are aware that Dubai is most appreciated Emirate among the nation because of contemporary architect. World’s rich explorers consider visiting Dubai because of sumptuous experience it offers to the expatriated. As seen Dubai has recently become a standout amongst the investors willing to purchase property in UAE. Dubai State Government has planned and executed couple of Dubai property laws for land purchasers and financial specialists over the world. Property Lawyers of Dubai believes that these guidelines address all the pertinent legal issues regarding buying and selling of property in UAE.

Purchasing a real-estate in Dubai is used to be perplexing procedure for financial buyers. Amid past years, foreign expatriates were not allowed to buy free-hold properties in Dubai, however, it is now possible due to the amendment in the law which enables outsiders to free hold properties for a certain timespan for up to 99 years. The property owner can utilize the benefit until that period and are allowed to transfer such rights to another individual.

Who can be a property owner?

The Government of Dubai promulgated Law No. 7 of 2006 on Real Property Registration in the Emirate of Dubai which oversees proprietorship by people and entities in the Emirate of Dubai. Companies registered in UAE or GCC locals completely owned by UAE or GCC nationals or even by non-UAE or GCC nationals have the option to claim freehold title to land and to gain a wide range of land interests, for example, usufruct, musataha and long haul rents as long as 99 years situated in any territory in the Emirate of Dubai in accordance with Article 4 of the Property Ownership Law. The ownership of a company held by non-UAE nationals will also be allowed only for the purpose of this provision only for certain designated areas.

In furtherance to the Property Ownership Laws, Dubai has also laid down Regulation Number 3 of 2006 highlighting Designated Areas in which foreign expatriates can hold real estate in Dubai or can hold similar property rights mentioned above. Certain areas popularly referred to as designated areas are Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, Old Town, Business Bay, Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Marina Dubai, Discovery Gardens, Falcon City, Dubai Investment Park, Sports City, Midriff, Motor City and International City.

As we are close to Expo 2020 and Vision 2021, Dubai’s real-estate law is increasing at a significant pace. With the dispatch of a few new land ventures, a large portion of Dubai has turned out to be accessible for remote possession. The DLD is always checking on and refreshing its land guidelines and arrangements and adjusting it to suit the speculator interests. Dubai property laws are significant for foreign investors. Any individual who is going to sell, buy or lease any sort of property must pursue these Dubai property laws. This will assist them with understanding complete knowledge of the laws and to reap benefits in Dubai.

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