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Women Growth is a process or responding positively to change

Women are the backbone of the society. They are soul of their family, society and nation. Through social division from past to present, the development of women in the last century reveals progress has been made in contrast to women. Specifically highlighting the difference between both ears and showing that there has been a positive change to the roles of women today.

As a coin has two side every phrase of life have two different aspect and side. Some people believe that a girl chid is a precious gift from god. In our country women is treat as a laxmi of the house and on other hand some of them see them as their liability. Basically this problem arises from womb of the mother. Most of the person used to determine the sex of child ,in case if that would be girl child then they use to kill the child in the womb. In wish of having son.

As a result of which:
The Pre- conception and Pre-diagnostic techniques act, 2003, make it illegal to determine the sex of the unborn child and even use sex- selection technologies. The law first came into force in 1996 as the Pre-Natal diagnostic techniques act ,1994, in response to falling sex ration and fear that ultrasound were being used to determine the sex of the foetus.

A girl is a pearl of a family but somehow some people think them as a burden. But now a days girls are the one who are coming forward in every field and touching the sky with colour in their hands. Even today also some the parent don't send their daughter to school. And if they send their ward to school they do not allow them to complete their schooling. Mentality of few people is that what will we get if we educate a girl, one day they have to go with her partner and will give her earing to them. But now a days girls are booming recent example Hina Jaiswal is first Indian woman flight engineer.

If a girl get chance she can do much more better than a boy but most of the girls are forcefully pressured to get married as few liability for their family. Even GOVT had taken steps to encourage people to educate their daughter. GOVT have launched schemes such as . Beti Bachao Beti Padhao .. Even an act was enacted on 4 august 2009, which describe the modalities of the important of free and compulsory education for children between the age of 6 to 14 in India under Article 21A of the Indian Constitution.

While giving knowledge to their ward they use to engage their daughter in relationship. Few of them get chance to carry on their study and to achieve their dreams. The irony lies in the fact that in our country where women are worshipped as shakti, the atrocities are committed against her in all section of life. She is being looked down as commodity or as a slave. Basically women are being considered as an object of male sexual enjoyment and reproduction of children. In India girls are taught how to behave , how to speak , how to react ; somehow they teach their daughters . saans mt lo log kya kahenge..

Women are deprived of economic resourced and are dependent on men for their living but if a women step ahead and carry her responsibility upon her then it could lead to change in their living ,lifestyle ,thinking of society. Mostly Women works are often confined to domestic sphere, she had to do all household works, which are not recognized and unpaid. Basically In earlier time, parent of a daughter thinks that once she get married her life would be settle. But marriage is not all rose. It's not just about being with your beloved and having a gala time.

There is so much more to it. It comes with its own share of responsibilities, duties, sacrifices and compromises. Now a day very few marriage are successful otherwise they end up with divorce. Marriage life is not like a fairy tail but it is full of compromise and sacrifice.

Most of the parents would not like to see their son or daughter to be single and happily but will force them to be in an marriage whether that holy bound would be good or bad for him/her. Which will end up bad memories. That would be due to not encouraging their spouse to achieve her/his goals.

After marriage mostly female life end up in kitchen few of them come out to live their dream. Likewise Manushi Chhillar , she represented the state of Haryana at the Femina Miss World 2017; Chungneijang Mary Kom Hmangte- only woman to become Amateur Boxing Champion. If woman can cross her social limit she can do any thing in this world. By the passage of time many women are coming out to work but has to shoulder the double responsibility; one she was to work where she is employed and secondly she also has to do all the house hold work.

Beside this unlike few other constitutions confer on the GOVT the power to make . special provision for women and children . in article 15(3) and Article 14 of constitution of India for equality before law. In addition , Article 39(d) provides for equal pay for equal work and under Article 42 , provision are to be made by the state for securing just and human conditions of work and for maternity relief and many more.

All the van and veneer of society, family, government have responsibility towards empowerment of women. Whatever the causes may be ; it is the duty of human to protect himself. even though the GOVT is trying to take care of this natural right by formulating various policies, enacting and formulating laws. But it’s the duty of women also to come forward and not to be a victim or burden any more. Otherwise also . kuch toh log kahenge logno ka kam hai kehna.. Somewhere there has been a positive change and bridge of stimulate. 

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