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Validity of Shariah Court

Now days All India Personal law board says that they are going to open the Shariah Court in India.

The Congress Party stands in unison with them but BJP and other secular scholar are says that:
Our country is not a Islamic nation such type of religious courts are challenging the secularism of India.

The word  Shariah Court refers to a court only for Muslim person. In maximum Islamic nation it covers both the civil and criminal cases but All India personal law board creates a some of  Shariah Court only for the civil matter like.

Marriage, divorce , inheritance due to their anti women mentality. Now question is that how it is acceptable in country like India because our country is a secular and Secularism is a main part of our preamble . and as a secular and feminist person I am totally against the such type of religious court . And it challenges the supremacy of constitution which says that No one is above than constitution and All India personal board have not right to formally nylon type of court because they are not within the Article 13 of Constitution and in Narasu appa mali v state of Bombay court held that personal law is not a law and in conclusion I would likely to says that After the judgment against AIPLB in Shayra Bano case they are under this fear that mullah should will be closed and there will be no value in the society and Shariah court is like as a khap panchayat. Supreme Court has prohibited the khap penchayat now time has come to declare a AIPLB and Shariah Court as a unconstitutional and banned it.

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