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UAE Arbitration Institutes on Outbreak of Coronavirus

Impact of COVID-19 has the left the world speechless, yet every country and its major organizations are coping with the pandemic to ensure the flow of the economy and maintaining the importance of prevailing circumstances while being quarantined.

As legal consultants in Dubai, we are witnessing extreme steps taken by courts of UAE and arbitration institutes for ongoing and new cases. Wherein, we have already discussed about the steps taken by the courts of UAE and in this article we will be discussing about the measures undertaken by arbitration institutes in UAE by utilizing advanced technological methods to conduct the arbitration proceedings.

As confirmed by arbitration lawyers of Dubai, all major arbitration institutes are currently working and are administering all arbitration proceedings through an online portal, which can be advised by your legal representative handling your arbitration case. In furtherance, the article majorly discuss about the conventional methods adopted by most arbitration institutes for managing the cases.

On 26 March 2020, Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC) announced on their website confirming the submissions of new arbitration proceedings through the website and submission of documents in ongoing arbitration cases only through emails to the case manager so appointed in the matter. To be precise the authority has confirmed managing cases, however, only via emails or by website portal. Similarly, the Abu Dhabi Commercial Conciliation and Arbitration Centre (ADCCAC) is also completely in operation and is reachable through their website or call center.

With regards to the arbitration institutes in the major free zones that Dubai International Financial Centre- London Court of International Arbitration (DIFC-LCIA), the authority has recently confirmed it operation, however, only through telephonic calls and emails.

In all cases, either new or existing or waiting for an arbitration award, the party may approach DIFC-LCIA through their portal or the contact details provided to seek an update or may approach their legal representatives for submitting documents or for filling a new arbitration case.

Another arbitration institute managed by a free zone authority is Abu Dhabi Global Market Arbitration Centre (ADGMAC), which is already a digitalized arbitration platform, unlike all other arbitration centers in UAE. Therefore, ADGMAC is fully operational and is managing all arbitration cases efficiently and without a glitch.

To conclude, all arbitration institutes registered within UAE are up and running and making the best out of the situation by conducting online proceedings with all existing cases and laying down steps regarding registration of new cases, appointment of arbitrators and submission of case-related documentation.

Nevertheless, the foregoing rules and regulations issued by the institutes are for a temporary period or until the COVID19 situation becomes normal or until further notice by the authorities. In addition, considering the incomparable flexibility in adapting to circumstances and acceptance to change in technology, arbitration is one of the most successful way of coping with ever-changing needs of economy and the circumstances as all arbitration institutes ensures the smooth conduct of proceedings and without any further delay.
It is always advised to reach to best arbitration lawyers in UAE to seek expert opinion on your potential dispute.

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