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How Artificial Intelligence Affects The Due Process In Law Firms

About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is that branch of computer science which is connected with the machines and can perform task which actually require the human intelligence. It is a multifaceted science with several approaches. The advancement in the machine learning leads to create the fundamental change in the technology industry.

Artificial intelligence based on a principle that human intelligence can easily find and execute task by the simple way. As the technology advances the concept of artificial intelligence has been updated. Quick solving and prediction help the lawyers to resolve matter in short time.

Artificial intelligence demonstrates some of the behaviour associated with the human intelligence like problem solving, learning, perception, planning, social creativity and intelligence. Algorithms often play a very important part in the structure of artificial intelligence, where simple algorithms are used in simple applications, while more complex one help frame strong artificial intelligence.

Uses Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is ubiquitous today, used to recommend what you should buy next online, to understand what you say to virtual assistants such as Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri, which recognizes the photograph for detecting the spam and the fraud.

Types Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is of three types narrow artificial intelligence and general artificial intelligence and artificial super intelligence.

Narrow artificial intelligence is what we found in computers. They are learned and taught to do specific kind of task without a explicit programme of how to do so. Example – speech and language recognition in siri of apple iphone.

General artificial intelligence is a different. It is a form of intelligence capable of learning about the working of particular task. It is a flexible form.

Artificial super intelligence is a highly advanced technique. It is able to surpass all human capabilities. They include decision making even by involving the building of emotions and art.

Artificial Intelligence And Legal Practices

Companies have tried to find the new ways of developing the technology which will manage the labour task for the better accuracy and the speed. In the legal profession, artificial intelligence has found its way for supporting the lawyers with their day to day life.

The artificial intelligence has transformed the legal profession and works for the researches and litigations. It is currently applied in the profession and provides the streamline work process.

Artificial intelligence's current legal applications lie in the following categories:
  1. Helps lawyers to perform due diligence and research
  2. Provides additional “insights” and “shortcuts” through analytics
  3. Create automatic process in legal work

Current developments in Artificial intelligence in legal practice come in various applications. Richard Susskind, one of the UK's most respected thinkers at the intersection of legal and technology, believes that this trend will continue to grow in the coming years. Susskind opines:
“AI and other technologies are enabling machines to take on many of the tasks that many used to think required human lawyers and that's not plateauing. It seems to be happening at quite a rate.”

The developments, according to Susskind, will eventually warm up by 2020[1].

Due diligence is the primary task which the lawyer performs on behalf of their clients. This include assessment of legal situations, confirmation of facts, figures and evidences. Due diligence process is required for advising the clients and actions which will be taken by the lawyer.

The due diligence process puts the positive impact for the long term but it can be very time consuming. Lawyers need to conduct timely investigation for the true result as the lawyers also prone to mistakes and inaccuracy when doing spot checks.

Advantages Of Artificial Intelligence

  1. Reduces human error- Humans tends to make mistakes from time to time. This not happens with the computers if they are programmed properly. Artificial intelligence can help to take the decisions from the gathered information applying a certain set of algorithms. So, errors are reduced and the chances of accuracy increases.
  2. Availability 24x7- Humans are built in a way to get some of their time for refreshment out of a busy schedule. An average human works for 4-6 hours a day without taking a break. Using this technique we can make such machineries that could help us in working 24x7 without any breaks and they don't even get bore like humans.
  3. Helps in repetitive jobs – In our daily life we do number of numerous works like sending emails, verifying documents etc. by using the artificial intelligence we can automatically make the productive task to occur themselves and free up humans for increasing their creativity.
  4. Digital assistance – Highly advance organizations use the digital assistant to interact with the people to save the human resources. Digital assistant works according to need of the user. We can also chat with them if we are facing any difficulty with interacting with others.
  5. Faster decisions – Artificial intelligence helps to take quick decisions as compare to humans. They already know and can predict what a human actually wants and what they are searching for. Human take decision emotionally and practically but computers work through what is programed in it and hence take faster decisions.
  6. New inventions – Artificial intelligence in every domain does many innovations which help humans to solve major problems.

Disadvantages Of Artificial Intelligence

  1. High cost of creations-As compared to other machineries installing artificial intelligence is expensive. It requires the large amount of money in installment and regularly updating of hardware and software. These are complex machines and require timely maintenance and repairing.
  2. Making human lazy- Dependency of humans on machines for their work make them lazy. Humans get addicted to the invention which can cause problems to the future generations.
  3. Unemployment-Artificial intelligence replaces most of the task with the robots which leads to minimize the human interference and cause trouble in employment standards. Most of the organizations now replacing the human labours with the artificial intelligence robots for increasing the productivity.

    Most of the organizations now replacing the human labours with the artificial intelligence robots for increasing the productivity.
  4. No emotions- These machines are emotion less. They work according to what programme in it and ignores the basic emotions which is attached with the hope of a client. Machines cannot develop the bonds like humans which is essential for team management.
  5. Lacks thinking out of box- Machine can only perform a task which is programmed in it and they tend to crash the other relevant output which can be major backdrop for the industry.

Three Ways Firms Can Use Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is affecting to industries in the broad spectrum. Law firms that are embracing this technology is working with effective and efficient production and spending less on work task.

Artificial intelligence stimulates the cognitive process of human mind and enables computer to complete its required basic functions. Through artificial intelligence computers interpret data, form conclusions and finds the patterns. Artificial intelligence offers numerous benefits including the freedom for other kinds of work, more convenience.
  1. Legal research and due diligence- When a machine performs the research work in
    quick time, the lawyer need not to charge for that time. This can save the thousands of rupees of the client and eliminate research costs. Lawyer can use artificial intelligence for discovering the new phases of the case. It has the ability to perform in a rapid manner which can accelerates the arbitration and litigations proceedings.
  2. Review documents and contacts-Artificial intelligence has a power to review the documents and flag them according to the particular matter of the case. Once a certain type of document is denoted as relevant, machine learns to find the documents which are similarly relevant to that one.

    It makes contract revision more efficient by highlighting the important sources and making it more consistent and capable of alerting the contract dates. This reduces the workload of lawyers. Artificial intelligence will help to sort down the problems faster with the fewer mistakes.
  3. Predict legal outcomes- Artificial intelligence has the ability to store long years of legal data which can help lawyers in winning the relevant cases. It provides lawyers with the insight on the similar cases. It is able to handle many difficult tasks which empowers lawyers to spend time on the analysis and counselling. It depends on the lawyer whether to adopt the artificial intelligence or the other machinery
The mental growth and the progressive thinking can help the lawyer to decide. Artificial intelligence can automatically use the reliable data management tools and codes for protecting the information. By learning how the artificial intelligence is benefiting for the future of the firm the lawyer can take part in positive transformation in the legal profession.

Artificial intelligence is one of the emerging technologies which stimulates the human reasoning. It is the ability of the computer to think, Learn and create. Everything can be considered r if it involves a program that would relays on human intelligence.

There are both the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence but the human need to take care of that thing and use only the positive sides of this greatest innovation for creating the better future and environment. People says that artificial intelligence will destroy the human civilization if it is miss used. Still, none of the application of the artificial intelligence is made to destroy the humanity.


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