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Bharat known as India

Today when nation is going through extraordinary discouragement due to this pandemic called covid-19, the Supreme Court has consented to hear PIL over asked to change the classification of our Nation from India to Bharat. This isn't the first and segregated occurrence when such a PIL has been filled rather, a lot more occasions in sublime past indistinguishable IPLs have been submitted under the steady gaze of the Hon'ble peak Court. An undertaking with that impact was made during the draft phase of the sacred report named 'IndiaN CONSTITUTION'.

The entire world is passing through the difficult phase but this COVID -19 has axiomatically proved ‘disguise in the blessing’, as we have realised the past glory of our country when Bharat was an epicentre of knowledge, we were not only self-reliant to meet our requirements but meeting the requirements of other countries, also, let it be Cloth, Spices, Handicrafts, Medicines, Utensils. We had domination over many branches of knowledge like Archaeology, Astrology, Mathematics, Geography, Medicines.

With the passage of time especially since the British colonial governance, in Sixteenth Century,we have increasing become dependent on foreign products, willingly or unwillingly. Our inclination not only limited upto that level but adopted foreign eateries, dressing code, life-style, day to day rituals & started glorifying it as a modern, smart,advanced, civilised, elite class, urban - others who do not toe the line are being treated & despised as backward, uncivilised, narrow-minded.

As long as a sure treatment medicine, vaccine is not successfully lunched at war footing, stay at home is the only foreseen solution. As being at home in the two months long period, we have had enough time to ponder over the past golden period & realised that how our ancestors were self- reliant to their surroundings, even, they were not dependent over adjoin cities to meet their requirements, rather, managing at their ends.

We have started mulling over as to why cannot follow suit the mentality of our revered ancestors to satisfy our needs with the local supply, this change thinking has been gathering momentum in a great chunk of public. There is an apprehension that the COVID-19 is not natural calamity,rather, a biological weapon developed by the China to inflict on enemy.

It is therefore, the self-reliance has gained vital strength amongst us & triggered hate against Chinese’s products. The self reliance shall be beneficial in multiple way,one way it save hard earned foreign currency, the other way it make us self-independence.The self –reliance does bring sea changes in us, we are no more dependent on others and making ourselves competent confident, efficient and self-reliant in just three month.

We just used to hear that we have plenteous assets on our territory yet today we are substantiating ourselves by turning out to be self-free. In any case, why I am stating this? This isn't simply the first occasion when we become free or confident recall those history books, sonnet, life story and triumph sage where we state we were known as Incredible Bharat recollect that melody:
Dal dal par sone ki chidya karti h basara
Voh Bharat desh he mera voh Bharat desh h mera

Today I believe is the best an ideal opportunity to comprehend that Bharat which we have lost on account of subject to others for little product.

Ram janamstan Ayodhya which was referred to as Faizabad, srilanka known as Ceylon had seen the suitable chance to change their name which today India is seeing.

What Is The Necessity To Change Name
It would not be a decent an ideal opportunity to change name if circumstance had not made India to become confident and self-free. At the point when noteworthy leader encourage for Atmanirbhav Bharat how might we can not see this chance to change name and acknowledge our old legacy of self-free.

This land is known by many name in past not just which was discussed in constituent assembly on On 18 September, 1949 as Bharat, Hindustan, Hind and Bharatbhumi or Bharatvarsh but there were many name like Hodu (Hodu is the Biblical Hebrew name for India and is mentioned in the Old Testament), Tianzhu (This is the Chinese and the Japanese name given to India by the Oriental scholars. During their travels, they came across a region bordered by the Sindhu river ), Nabhivarsha (Olden texts refer to India a Nabhivarsha.

There are 2 reasons for the name. Nabhi, was the son of the man who one ruled the entire Earth. As Nabhi ruled India, it came to be known as Nabhivarsha. Nabhi in sanskrit also means the Navel and is the center. If seen on the globe, India appears to be the navel or the center of the Earth),Jambudvipa(‘Land of the Jambu tress’), Aryavarta (Though not all of India, Aryavarta was the name for the Northern region of India).

Then what made constituent assembly to draft Article 1 of Indian constitution called Article 1(1) says, India, that is Bharat, shall be a Union of States because India without Bharat
can not exist Bharat is the foundation on which India stands against every invader to protect our rich heritage land by cry of BHARAT MATA KI JAI. This Bharat is inseperatable from India.

The History Of Name
The genuine importance of name is love of call, today where netizen used to communicate their mom as mother, momie and many like such there Sanskrit or can say the rich and most seasoned civilisation instruct to state her as MAA whose elocution comes legitimately from heart(must attempt to call yourself).

Much the same as that this blessed land was named numerous as portrayed above yet will attempt to clarify verifiable truth for some name as generally we have heard

Mahabharat and Bharata Chakravarthi

This holy land was called Bharatvarsha after the King Bharata Chakravarthi. He was child of King Dushyanta of Hastinapura and Queen Sakuntala and along these lines a relative of the Lunar Dynasty of the Kshatriya Varna. Bharata had vanquished all of Greater India, joining it into a solitary political substance which was named after him as Bharatavarsha

This country is known as Bharatavarsha since the times the father entrusted the kingdom to the son Bharata and he himself went to the forest for ascetic practices - Vishnu Purana

The country (varsam) that lies north of the ocean and south of the snowy mountains is called Bharatam; there dwell the descendants of Bharata - Vishnu Purana

Sanskrit and the origins of Bharat
Bharata is the official Sanskrit name of the nation, Bharata Ganarajya, and the name is gotten from the antiquated Indian messages, the Puranas, which alludes to the land that involves India as Bharata varsam, and utilizes this term to recognize it from different varsas or mainlands. The Sanskrit word Bharata is a determination of Bharata, which was initially a depiction of Agni. The term is of the Sanskrit root bhr-, to hold up under/to convey, with a strict importance of to be kept up (of fire). This term additionally signifies one who is occupied with scan for information

The Latin name India and the Persian name Hindustan both come from the ancient Persian term Hindu. The word Hindu is a Persian word for Sindhu which is the name of Indus river in all the ancient Sanskrit scriptures. Therefore, Hindustan can be called the land beyond the Indus. The name Hindustan became a very prevalent term in the Mughal Empire before the British rule and primarily comprising of North India.

The old Urdu song ‘Tarana-e-Hind’ of Iqbal which is popularly known by the name of ‘Sare Jahan Se Achcha’ is a well-known and ubiquitous ode to Hindustan, which is the un-partitioned subcontinent of the early 1900s.

The word India shares a lot of its etymology with the name Hindustan. This is because the Persian Hind connects our land from all sides with the Indus river. The name India became popular after the 17th century in English language posts, and ultimately, this word became the popular English reference to our country.

Therefore, for everyone who has been brought up in the Western world, our country will probably be known to them as India. This term is also frequently found on television, in conversations, in books or the news. Most people cannot fathom our country being called anything other than India due to its prevalence and popularity.

India is a colonial relic that needs to be discarded immediately, just like Sri Lanka discarded Ceylon.

As we can understand is that India is the name given because of English reference to our country in that period but this is all false irish Constitution passed in 1937, they will see that the Irish Free State was one of the few countries in the modern world which changed its name or; achieving freedom; and the fourth article of its Constitution refers to the change in the name of the land. That article- of the Constitution of the, Irish Free State reads as follows The name of the State is Eire, or, in the English language, Ireland.

So here what made India to not consider this which had happened twelve year earlier before our constitution draft to accept –The name of the state is BHARAT,or,in the English language India…..

Indeed, even we are discharged from the provincial colonial guideline in 1950 yet at the same time we are living under their name since autonomy and till I welcome the call of Apex court to acknowledge this PIL soon we will get the ideal outcome

I have deep respect for India as I have for BHARAT
views are personal 

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