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India's Divided Lockdown

The divided arrival of lockdown started from public announcement made by Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 24 march 2020. This was an unprecedented arrival of new demon, demon which created long lasting silent stampede in the country. silent stampede can be so that it cannot be easily assessed. eventually it divides people's thought, phase, knowledge, understanding, beliefs, and relationship, it also helps to recall and rejuvenate nature and its resources.

Divisions of unwarranted

In consequences of announcement was the lockdown in entire country. The announcement seemingly thought out step but somehow it throwaway a large population- In the condition and situation of standstill, a large population breaks the silent stampede and make it a mass movement and mass gathering which makes severe condition, large population includes the migrant workers form different states, some are employee and students and many mores.

The preparation of lockdown faced criticism, that the large population of migrant workers were ignored. Millions of migrant workers have to deal with the loss of income, food shortages and uncertainty about their future- the Washington post

According to the Indian express newspaper- Among the states, UP as said 21.69 lack workers had returned. Bihar has 10 lakh workers has returned; Maharashtra has said 11 lakhs have left the state. Gujarat said 20.5 lakh has gone back home.

The solicitor general, on the other hand, informed the supreme court of 97 lakhs who has been transported back home. Now the burden on the government is to give a necessity of need to workers and the burden on the workers is how to reach their home. Government starts many schemes-food shelter schemes and easy credit facilities schemes many workers started migrating from state to state with hardship. Data showed that death toll of migrant workers by roads accidents, starvation and or by other reasons is approx. 1000-1500 by data till now.

Many petition were filed before Hon'ble supreme court of India for this inhumane conditions and the Supreme court directed Centre and state govt. to finish the process of transporting migrant workers who want to go back to their native place and formulate employment schemes after conducting their skill mapping to rehabilitate them. It's very odd to conduct the assessment of skill mapping at this stage while the rest of skilled is yet assessing their skills.

Sometimes it feels the worriers are more important than slaves, besides we should not compare the worriers too faced dissension. divided lockdown lock down is so divided that the colour of it to be seen in the categorization of pandemic affected patients by their religion. maybe this is the consequences of the seed sown prior to the lockdown. Even the pandemic fails to switch the people into its humanitarian form but the pandemic look like a mirror who put the reality of platitude.

Changes made in Laws during lockdown

Many changes brought by the govt. for strictly following the lockdown- Govt. enforce lockdown through the mechanism provided under section 188 (disobedience to the directions given by a public servants) section 269 (negligent act likely to spread infection of disease dangerous to life) and section 270 malignant act likely to spread infection of disease dangerous to life) of the India penal code. The Epidemic diseases act 1897 and disaster management, 2005 brought into the light.

A big change govt. tried to do is to reform the labor laws the Centre go against the interest of laborers working in industrial units. For example, the changes in labor laws have allowed the industries to increase working hours by up to 50% without paying any overtime due.

So in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, industries can force the laborers to work 72 hours a week, an increase of 24 hours from the earlier stipulated 48 hours alternatively speaking, each laborer can be forced to work up to 122 hours a day on six working days of a week, Now, form an earlier schedule of eight hours a day.

This goes against the International labor organization (ILO) convention on hours of work to which India is a signatory. This 1921 convention has been the basis of several labor laws in India, including the Factories Act of 1948, which has been invoked in a petition filed in the Supreme court.

The Petitioner has argued that the factories act provides for changes in working hours only during public emergency, which the law defines as "A grave emergency whereby the security of India or any part of the territory thereof is threatened, whether by war or external aggression or internal disturbance". Covid-19 outbreak does not fall under public emergency definition under the law, the petitioner argued. The changes in labor laws have come when the laborers are facing an uncertain future.

Never to be forgotten
Eventual effect of pandemic lockdown will be on sufferers and the young ones. Sudden lockdown resulted in sudden breakdown of many lives, shutdown of schools, universities even the closure of training institute for a longer period. May be the age of this needs more physical communication besides live in virtuality.

Spending time wholly with family is enough but if it is a nucleus then it's not enough, mostly Urban families are nucleus in nature- where 4 members are impossibly live in communication of it on. what they found is to live in vitality, increasing pressure of another rising long-spun problem:
Like study, marriage, office load or livelihood or if any serious legal problem arises it left a deep impression which is never to be forgotten. Besides the class of urban, the young ones of migrant workers will definitely show unbounded resentment towards the system.

As per data the Net suffering is on the peak, the manipulation by websites and pornography sites making impact on young one. The Burden of pain is on the young ones of migrant workers who is suffering tremendous pain besides what the cycle of karma knows or not knows.

This will never to be forgotten. Time heals but what it heals visible wounds or invisible wounds should be left on Time. The real condition expose when there is disaster or storm, the preparedness then seem futile.

But a Quote by Charles Darwin- IT is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but the one most responsive to change.

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