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Why polygamy is not a crime for Muslim male

After the verdict of Triple Talaq case Supreme Court set up a constitutional bench for the purpose of examining the validity of polygamy among the Muslim community because No one is above than law.

The word polygamy means a husband have a more than one wife at the same time . It was very common practice in a ancient time . A husband might have a many wives at same time .but after the coming of Indian penal code It is crime under the 494 of Indian penal code but Muslim male have a immunity from this section . According to Muslim law Any Muslim may have a upto four wives at same single ?
It is a violation of following fundamental right of Indian constitution and International law

Article 14:- Article 14 states that equality before law and equal protection of law it means that law should be equal to all person .and law will be treated all person as equal while exception of Muslim male from polygamous law is a violation of equality on the basic of gender, Religion.

Article 15:- Article 15 states that there shall be no discrimination on the basic of religion, race, cast, gender, place of birth while exception of Muslim male from polygamous law violates the provision of Article 15 on the basic on religion and gender If polygamy is a crime for other religion than why not for Muslim male? And under the Muslim, Muslim male have a right of polygamy but not for Muslim female ? If it is not a discrimination than what is it

Article 15 (3) :- This Article says that No laws can be against the women and children but the provision of polygamy for the Muslim male violates the provision of it

Article 21:- Right to life with dignity is a fundamental right of every individual whether Citizen or non citizen and marry with a second wife during the lifetime of first wife reduce the dignity of the first wife in the home and as well as society therefore it violates the provision of Article 21

Article 25 (2) :- This Article control the Arbitrary power of Religion. Article 25 (2) clearly says that Right to freedom of religion is subject to morality public health and other fundamental rights it means that as the name of right to freedom of religion other fundamental right of individual can not be violated

Article 16 of Human Right declaration of United nation 1948:- All are born equally and there should be no discrimination on any basic thus it violates the provision of international law

In conclusion I would likely to says that In twenty first century polygamy like barbaric practice against the women can not accepted and if it is a crime for other religion than why not Islamic religion and and to prohibit the practice against women. Is not only a duty of government and judiciary but also according to Article 51 A (e) it is a duty of all person to those practice which reflect the dignity of women.

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