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Covid-19 Impact Over Society And Role Of Mass Media

The world is undergoing a tough phase where it faces a huge drop in the economic level and decrease in the population too. It is important to be aware of the impacts due to this pandemic and in which way media is helpful to know this pandemic which will be discussed in this article.

Impacts of COVID-19:

The pandemic has created fear in the minds of people about the worth of living. It also created some losses to some industries.

Ground level workers:

The workers who can be categorised as basic level workers lost their job which results in the loss of income. It makes them to struggle their daily living. The workers include daily wages, workers for special occasions, petty shops and some craftsmen, etc

Workers for special occasions:

These were the people who will work under the contract basis which involves the conditions such as their wages till their working period, other facilities include transport, food, stay.

Workers for daily wages:

It involves 100-day employment programme and their salaries are based on day to day basis. Due to this pandemic they are unable to work and lost their earnings for their basic living.


These were the people expert in the particular field like pottery, dolls, paintings, wood carving and constructing workers. This lock down made the people unable to celebrate occasions and which affects those people who are involved in making those things which are essential for that occasion. For e.g.: The chariot makers are affected though they are having side business they will make maximum profit through this process (Madurai Azhagar chariot festival)

Sports industry:

The IPL has to be conducted in the month of 'May' and it has cancelled by the COVID-19 pandemic. The cricketers are not affected but the person who is working for that purpose involves ground levelling persons, light men, etc… It contributes some part to the world economy.

Movie industry:

The theatre owners and the shops in those theatres and person working under shopping mall are worse affected. Due to this 'lock down' the artists are not working and there are no movies in theatres and no audience. It is considered to play an important part in the economy.

IT industry:

People working under this sector are not having stability in their job and in any case, they are in the position to lose their jobs. In 'America' many persons become unemployed as they were fired from the higher officials. They are struggling to earn for their living.

Educational level:

Due to this pandemic the academic year is being postponed. It is not considered to be a problem for the students below 8th grade. The affected people involve the final years in all branches and the students who are entering into their 'UG' level curriculum. The students pursuing 10th grade in the 'state board' did not write their public exams which creates pressure in all including their parents and their academic year will be further postponed. It is hard to manage if it continues for a long period.

All the above said sectors are contributing to economic level in the world wide which has lost its impact in the economy due to the spread of 'COVID-19.'

Some of the positive impacts are also created by this pandemic and it involves the following which will be pointed.

The time to spend with their family has been increased. It results in learning through observation and practical knowledge and even from experience and to know the importance of family.
It is considered to be the period to learn the values of elders and particularly the value of 'women' who is contributing their whole life for others to lead their life in an enjoyable and peaceful manner.

Mass media:

The role played by 'mass media' is not replaceable. Mass media includes newspapers, radio stations, televisions, social media which includes Facebook, Instagram, twitter, messenger, blogs, awareness videos, vlogs, ete.

Even in this risky condition to life people in this sector is contributing their work for the welfare for others in various sectors of this field.

Television: As the result of 'lock down' we people are forced to be inside our home for our safety purpose as well as for others. It helps us to entertain by telecasting the programmes as we cannot depend on internet for full time. Particularly for senior citizens and some people those who are not interested to completely dwell on social media.

Though news provided by the television channels are biased in the earlier stages. But at this pandemic condition has changed the view which started to provide reliable information as we are not be able to inquire further and we are in the position to believe the news which are provided by them. It is helpful in the places where the knowledge to use internet is less or people where they are less aware like small villages or where the literacy rate is very less in some areas. In areas where the educated people are less.

Newspapers: The printing media is contributing to a great extent. The workers under this condition too are working by risking their lives. The habitual newspaper readers are not affected. It also increases our reading ability and vocabulary which is essential for children at various ages. This 'lockdown' has created the time for children to read and increase their interest towards newspaper.

Social media: It includes Instagram, twitter, Facebook, etc. As India is filled more with youth population the usage of social media will be large in number. The news will easily spread young adults will spend most of their time in this platform. Some youngsters are creating awareness through these pages. It is easily accessible and contributions too can be made by them.

In this era of technological advancement, the impact created by media is essential.

We started to live in the 'virtual world'. In this scenario, the importance of media should be well educated to all and all people should know how to use the media. At present shopping and even chatting is done through this social media.


This COVID-19 has made us to understand about the human relations and importance of living together. Through this media all information across the world wide is made known to all from their places itself. The role played by 'media' cannot be matched and its role is 'unavoidable' in our present period and it will build its view with the stronger layer towards future.

COVID-19 is an unexpected impact in world but some expected impact in world is created by MEDIA.

Written By: Gayathri.V

Awarded certificate of Excellence
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