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CoronaVirus: A Virus of Communalism and Racism in India

The deadly virus which has captured humans globally, has no religion, no caste, no gender and even no straight treatment to get rid of it. This virus is CoronaVirus which lead to nation wide lockdown. No doubt India has been appreciated by United Nation for her appreciable work to tackle the pandemic but at the same point United Nation also advised India to pay attention to prevent the spread of pandemic instead making virus a communal issue. This remark by UN drives us to think that is virus leading to communalism? Along with communalism it is also seen that India is witnessing certain incidents that fall under the category of racism faced by the North-eastern.

This racism and communalism have paved their existence in the time of pandemic also when unity is the need of hour.In todays hard times when India needs to show her strength in unity to fight against spread of coronavirus we are facing the issue of increased communalism and racism. The time when entire economy is in crisis,the time when country has become static and minds of people are infected with fear of virus, the main focus should be to tackle the spread of pandemic and create better post-covid society but we see that scenario is something different.People are mingling the deadly virus with communalism and Racism which is a threat to India’s Unity.

Racism and Covid-19

The coronavirus has no identity of it's own, neither from which particular human feature it originated from nor it has any authentic identification by United Nation or Indian Council for Medical Research that Covid-19 is usually found among humans with mongoloid features, then why North-East people are targeted at Public Places on the basis of assumptions that people with mongoloid features are prone to Covid-19? The mere reason that coronavirus originated from china means that north east people who possess oriental features as of Chinese are infected from virus?Is Coronavirus making us Racist?

Do the North Eastern people don't deserve equal treatment? All these questions revolve in my psyche after listening to incidents against the North East people who; live in different parts of the country in the midst of Covid-19 Outbreak.

These North Eastern people live in different corners of the country for the purpose of work,study etc and they have been continuously subjected to racism by referring them as Chinki, Momo, Chinese Korea etc and the incident of Arunachal Pradesh boy Nido Tania is still remembered who died in 2014 after facing assault in Delhi just because of his hairstyle. This novel Virus can be stated as virus of Racism in India and is new Racial slur added to the already existing in India.

In Pune,a lady blamed North Eastern girl inside a shopping Mall and put an allegation on her that she is infected with the Virus.

Second incident is of Delhi where a shillong girl was asked to leave a restaurant on the basis of presumption that she is infected with CoronaVirus.

Third horrible incident is also of Delhi where a man in North Campus of DU spitted Pan at Manipuri Girl and called her CoronaVirus.After the incident this girl said that It is high time for Government to accept the question of Racism in India, Anti-Racial Laws need to be amended Urgently.

This fourth incident quoted here was reported by The Print that Cathy and few of her colleagues were admitted to hospital just because they look like chinese and because of their looks they were admitted to hospital for carrying coronavirus.

Another incident in Ahmedabad where a group of North Eastern girls were asked by their neighbours to vacate their Apartment because of fear that they can spread the virus.
All these incidents are call to the government to address the issue of Racism in the country with utmost sincerity to stop such attacks on North Easterns as they are victims of assault,they are even beaten up and these incidents are just tip of iceberg and few of many incidents of hate crimes directed towards the North Eastern People by Mainland Indians.North Eastern People are also the part of India so they should not be discriminated just because they look different. This fear of racism among the North East people continuously grows up but this corona crisis has shown a hike in Racist attack which pins us to think that Is Corona making Indians Racist?

Communalism in times of Covid -19

In the times of covid pandemic when fear seems to be a breeding ground for hatred we see islamophobic memes, prime time news debate and hashtags like #coronaJihad,#NizzamuddinIdiots and #Covid-786 are trending in India.Indian media has decided to play communal cards and make it all about Muslims of India responsible for the spread of covid 19.

The situation nowadays seems much unfortunate as in time when we were supposed to be united and present ourselves as one people, one nation instead they are blaming entire pandemic and entire spread against Muslims. India along with curbing virus is also fighting against the communal issue being raised after the Annual Meeting of Tablighi Jamaat held in Country’s Capital New Delhi from 13-15 March.But question here arises is that,Is is just Tablighi Jamaat that acted irresponsibly?

To analyze this question I would like to quote certain events, On March 24 India has announced a nationwide lockdown but before this lockdown the meeting of Tablighi Jamaat took place which no doubt was a irresponsible act as the threat of virus was already in across the global Boundary but on same point it is also clear that it is not only Tablighi Jamaat who acted irresponsibly as few Acts like BJP politician BS Yediyurappa on March 15 attended a wedding with a huge crowd, UP Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath attended a Major Hindu celebration in Ayodhya on March 24,Next on April 5 when Lockdown has been already announced over 200 people gathered outside Residence of a BJP Lawmaker just to mark his birthday.

In these Events stated above the guidelines regarding mass gathering were disregarded but strange thing is that none of these events were highlighted by media and not even blamed for spread of virus. This rampant hate in the time of pandemic is letting muslim community suffer a lot.

We read in news that Muslim vendors are not allowed to enter in area for selling fruits or even essential commodities.

In Haryana a Muslim Family was attacked for not switching off light during PM Modi’s call for switching lights on Sunday, Even in many parts of the country Muslims are facing social Boycott. Even in the villages Muslims are being harassed. This all is the result of hate messages viral in social media and media claims regarding corona jihad.These Acts are not only threatening the social harmony but also germinating the roots cause of communal riots in future.

In our country, like coronavirus there is an another virus that is emerging which is responsible for shaking social harmony and germinating the feeling of Racism in Indians. So, it would be wrong if we replace the corona virus which communal virus or Racial Virus.The time when country demands unity People are spreading hatred by communalizing virus and blaming Muslims for spread of pandemic. This Acts should be stopped and it can only happen when media and social media forwards will stop communalizing the corona virus and stop spreading hate against Muslim community.

In case of Racism we should understand that North Eastern People are also the part of India. So, Mainland Indians should respect them and their physical orientation. These all Acts are attack on dignity of North East people who too have equal Rights like Mainland Indians to be respected. India instead of discriminating should unite instead of making this hard time a face of communal or racial attacks because we have Race with Covid 19 and not the Racism or Communalism. Indian Government should take appropriate measure to avoid spread of hate and fake messages in social media and stop leading Coronavirus into a hatred virus.So, that insteadig of fighting amongst communities India should unitedly fight against the Virus. 

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