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Motor Vehicle Act,2020 (Amended)

In today's world as things and technology are developing fast. We have developed a lot to provide people with hassle-free services, similarly, we have developed our Motor vehicle Act, 2020 as mentioned below, basically, it tells us about what was the earlier act and what has been amended (Motor Vehicle Act).

Old motor vehicle Act

Any Machine which generates power and helps in the transportation of people and things by the mood of transport Road. The Motor Vehicle Act,1988, came into force on 1 July 1989, and the act amendment by the motor vehicle (Amendment) Act, 2019. The Motor Vehicle Act, 2019 came into force on 1st September 2019. The Act comes up with details which are issued by the legislative provision by the Government of India which includes drivers/conductor's license, registration of the motor vehicle, control of the motor vehicle, special permission of state transport, traffic regulation, insurance of the vehicle, etc.

New motor vehicle act 2019

At the request of ministers of several state's the amendment has been made to decrease the violation graph of traffic rules. As earlier all the documents (hard copy) were required to carry for inspection by traffic police for example driving license, the paper of vehicle, insurance, road tax, pollution control paper, etc. But after 1st April 2020 as noticed by the Central Government of India (Ministry of Road Transport & Highways) has passed a law which helps general public of India that they can carry a soft copy of all the documents of the vehicle in some specific application like Digi locker which will be considered as a legal document (soft copy).

Under the new act, several more laws have been introduced which include punishment and heavy fines that will be charged on drunken driving, driving without a license, dangerous driving, over speeding, etc. And the penalties will keep on increasing by 10 percent after every 3 years. The law has extended the duration of renewal of a driving license from one month to one year after the date of expiry but if the duration exceeds then the person has to go through a test of competence.

The act also an assurance to provide medical and non-medical aid to the victim of an accident from any civil and criminal as well as the minimum compensation for death or serious injury due to hit and run has been shifted up consequential.

Importance of Motor Vehicle Act

  • As per the new rule there is no need for the physical appearance of documents, you can directly save the documents of your mobile phone and if any policeman asks to show your documents you can directly show the safe copy from your mobile which is permissible now.
  • All the necessary documents can which can be cross-checked by the public servant can be shown in an application called Digi locker or M-parivahan.
  • As per the order of ministry behavior of the driver/vehicle will be noticed and inspected every single time which will be observed by the police officers and maintain a record.
  • Those who will be found violating the traffic rules will be fined and punished under the Motor Vehicle Act, 1989. E-challan will also be discharged if anyone found transgression.
  • As per the new rules people will start following acquiesce and will be in alarming mode in the fear of strict action set under the act through fines and punishment.
  • There will be transparency and enforcement of motor vehicle act due to every single thing is going through an online process and photo clips and videos will also be maintained by the local traffic department.

The insignificance of the Motor Vehicle Act

  • As per the new motor vehicle act fines will be charged and it will keep on increasing by 10 percent after every 3 years due to heavy fines and penalties the corruption will also increase if crops don't do their job wisely.
  • As the penalty has been increased but the conditions of road services are still remaining the same as earlier so where all of the fine charges are going which were promised to be invested in transport and services.
  • This new motor vehicle act is surely going to affect the pockets of common people due to heavy fines.
  • As per the new motor vehicle act the people who are illiterate and their driving/conductor license has crossed the duration of renewable so it would be beyond the bounds of possibility.

As most of the states have imposed the motor vehicle (amendment) bill to make it a more easy-going process as we are in the 21st century the whole world is working and performing digitally which reduces their burden of work and helps in maintaining records in a form of data. The government has also taken a bold step to start performing digitally and strictly to maintain records by all official authorities. As we compare with old rules and regulations its fare effective in a lesser period of time, transparency is also maintained.

The central has ordered to increase the fines and penalties to those who violate the traffic rules so it set up fear in a person for not violation of rules, soft copies can be accepted as original documents no need to the physical appearance of the documents. The main issues which are raised by the public that if we are charged heavy fines so the government should also improve the conditions of roads, medical facilities, roadside assistance (fixed time and distance), etc.

Another point of the issue has been raised about the enhancing corruption that increasing penalty, however, will lead to corruption after some certain limits it's become difficult for the general public and this might lead to benefits to crops if they don't do their job wisely so ultimately corruption prevails.

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