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Animal Protection

Animals are that large group of living beings which include us Human beings. But as we ourselves considers to be superior had always exerted some sort of power on other fellow animals. Animals have equal rights with that of human beings and language is the only thing that differentiates humans from animals. Thus animals and their life should be protected. There are many laws and special provisions relating to the protection of animals. But majority are unaware of these rights and are sluggishly using the animals. This must be avoided.

The Indian Penal Code, 1860 which is the age old law prevailing in India has certain laws that talks about the crimes that are done against animals and its punishments. Section 428 of the Code states that the punishment for killing, maiming, poisoning, or rendering useless any animal or animals of the value of ten rupees or upwards are simple or rigorous imprisonment for up to two years, or with a fine or with both.

And also Section 429 of the Code states the punishment for killing, poisoning, maiming, or rendering useless any animal or animals of the value of fifty rupees or upward automatically includes all cattle or beasts of burden are simple or rigorous imprisonment
for up to five years or with a fine or both.

Along with these acts there are certain special provisions made for the protection of animals such as The Wildlife Protection Act. 1972 which prohibits injury to any animals under Section 39. It also defined animals under the act as it include ambhibians, reptiles, mammals and even including their eggs. The penalty for a person attacking the animals is up to three years imprisonment and fine.

Another important provision for the animal protection is The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 which defines the term cruelty under Section 11 as:
  1. Cruelty against one's own pet
  2. Inhuman slaughter
  3. Inhuman transportation
  4. Inhuman living conditions
  5. Tail docking
  6. Ear docking

The offenders who had done any sort of cruelty towards animals will be punished to pay a fine of rupees fifty, in the case of second offence then it should be not less than twenty five rupees or with an imprisonment up to three months.

The crimes against animals can be filed by any person after seeing the cruelty and F. I. R can be registered against the offender. In Kerala recently an owner of a dog has tied the dog with a rope in the backside of his car and drove with the dog which is seriously an inhuman act. Action was taken against the owner and the dog is being treated and taken good care of.

Even if we have all these laws still animals are not protected thus we should make aware the people about the laws that are existing and how it should not be violated. Similar to the human beings they also have the right to live in this world and it must be guaranteed to them.

Written By: Sradha Mohan

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