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Rape-A psychological disorder or a spontaneous crime?

An increase in rape crimes is what has come on the record over a few decades.
An increase in the number of rape crimes is surely what society does not expect. A rape can completely devastate the life of the victim as well as of their families, it becomes very difficult not specifically for the accused but for a rape victim to have a normal living in society. Society starts treating the rape victim differently and this is the main cause why the rape victims do not speak about what have they been through over the period of time. A rape, physically as well as psychologically weakens and harms the victims. The families of rape victims don't usually allow the victims to speak about the heinous crime because of the social pressure because it is observed that society doesn't really treat the accused differently but surely treats the victims in a different way.

The victim has to go through a lot of difficulties wherein they completely lose their morale. It is the abuser who should go through that trauma but surprisingly if the abuser is not brought to address, they live their life peacefully with no fear as if nothing has happened but at the same time the victim is the one although if they haven't spoken about it to anyone, just the thought of them being raped would haunt them to the rest of their lives and may completely devastate the whole process of their living.

Rape is a crime that may be a planned or an unplanned incident. When it comes to an unplanned incident, the question is, is it the abuser's psychological disorder or is it something that just happened spontaneously? Rape is a crime that shouldn't just address the victim but should also address the abuser's thought process. Such heinous crimes cannot just happen in a fluke, there has to be a complete process behind it. If rape was a crime emerging just out of fluke then standing in front of every man could become dangerous.

Also when the victim is accused by society for wearing a particular type of dress or for behaving in a particular manner, which might have triggered the abuser is something that shouldn't be considered at all. It is not the dress, it is not the behavior that provokes an abuser to rape a person, it is the abuser's mental status that is at fault and that is why before correcting the victims for their dressings or other behaviors, we must first try to understand the mental status of the abuser and also try to understand the roots of the mentality of the abuser which ultimately led to a rape, when the investigation of the abuser is in the process we must try to understand their thought process, the things that provoked them, there can be a bizarre past experience which may have triggered the abuser during the moment or there is a possibility wherein over a course of time he hasn't been involved in any sexual activities and it is the abuser's physical urge for sexual activities which ultimately led to the abuser raping someone. It is very important to understand the main cause of rape which may help society to curb such crimes. 

It is the abuser who is to be mainly focused on, we must try to understand the abuser's behavior over a course of time rather than just focusing on the incident. It is the past of the abuser which is the main culprit in many situations. The abusers should be made to sit through an appropriate counseling process wherein the counselors will be able to explore the thought process of the abuser and will ultimately share the cause of the rape. Once we know the root causes of the rape by investigating or counseling dozens of rape abusers we might be able to curb this crime by finding a solution to it and also by treating the same to the abusers so that they don't repeat raping some person in future.

There were times when the dance bars or the prostitution areas were closed around the cities due to which the males had no options to perform their sexual activities which led to many rapes during the period. It is not just the abuser's psychology but also his sexual urge which accelerates the cause of rape. A man/woman with sexual needs or sexual urges tends to do things which they might not do in their normal days but when the sexual activities urge are not fulfilled some mentally ill people may be forced to do the same.

We are very well interested for the justice to the victim, justice is to be served but along with it, we must also put the limelight on the cause of the rape, once we understand the psychology, the mental process of the abusers we might help them as well as the other people with a similar mentality and with the same, shall also reduce the rape incidents. It is the abuser or the people with the same mentality, the one's to be taken care of, if this portion of the population is healed psychologically the number of rapes in the society might decrease.

In cases like Nirbhaya, wherein four convicts and a juvenile were hanged as a punishment for gang rape, but in the same case if the authorities would have taken extra efforts to understand the state of mind of the culprit which also included a juvenile, that what actually happened on the bus drive that triggered the convicts to such an extent that they raped a girl with utmost brutality and left her to die.

Raping a girl as in the case of Nirbhaya with such brutality and causing utmost harm to the internal organs is something no normal human can do, but only a person with an extravagant mental personality who has the courage to hurt a person brutally to that extent wherein that person is dead. The process of understanding the mentality of a person will take extra time and efforts but a survey of rape convicts is a must to understand their mental ability and once a root cause is understood, actions shall be taken in with the help of the desired authorities, and some subordinate authority can try to guide or educate others in the same or similar manner.

All the rape cases aren't based on the mental illness of the abuser, but if at all if any of them are based on it, we might correct it by providing appropriate solutions.

It is not the victim who is to be blamed for the occurrence of rape but only the abuser, society has to come over of the fact that they should treat the rape victim normally and not differently.

Award Winning Article Is Written By: Ms.Aishwarya S. Patil
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