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Why National Parties Struggles To Compete With State Parties In Tamil Nadu? Reasons, Challenges, Bottleneck

A Fundamental research on the Tamilndau on the aspects of the historical & Cultural & political science point of view to understand the succession of dravida politics developments of state parties over 5 decades and their succession by restraining national parties; a analytical study what were the primary and secondary principles taken to empower by it's state leaders, their tactics & strategies to keep the state under the state parties, some of the strategies which make them successful rulers of this century, succeed against the mighty national parties beyond all odds; what diplomacy they take in choosing their alliances in central election?

Diplomacy of its state leaders in choosing their alliances in state and central elections during election campaign? Applied the principles in choosing their party leaders? Advantages and disadvantages, how these parties and their leaders choose, sort and nominate candidates for election? Why it could not be adopted by national parties? Reasons, realities, bottlenecks briefed in this article to catch hold the viewers, politician and voters without bias to any party.

History of Spiritual South India:
Southern part of India was ruled by various dynasties like Chera, Chola, Pandiya, Palava, Nayak, Maratha and Vijaya Nagara, those dynasties has developed their society, through it's artistic culture and literacy to the ancient south India, cited today's Tamilnadu, Andra Pradesh, Telungana, Kerala and Karnataka. Though the linear differences distinguish them to develop their own literacy and artistic work, they remain in brotherhood and sharing the vibrant literacy and art, knowing to rest of the world as Dravida.

These dynasties have succeeded by several kings over centuries, conferring the Hinduism through its two main branches Vaisnava (Lord Vishnu), Saiva (Lord Siva) beyond the dialects difference like Tamil, Telugu, Kanada and Malayalam. These principles Hinduism has been developed through its saints, known to the world as Alwargal, 12 Saints from BCE 4200 �BCE 2700 and Nayanmargal, 63 Saints from 600CE to 800CE; remarkably all of these saints belongs to present Tamilnadu, their literacy and poetry in Tamil language were preserved by the various followers and understanding ancient culture of Tamilnadu; where these preserved by Temples in its architects by crafting its structure by stones built temples across the countries which could not been destroyed by any canons, fire arm and has blocked the mighty invader from the north, remain unconquered until British entry, East India Company 1612.

The combination of Tamil Literacy & Bharathanatya, Telungu Keerthana, Karnatic Musics which was the formation of Dravida in South India in the purpose of Spiritualism, has succeeded in by its temples for generation and those were put to test by one concept, which is called periyarism, presently called as Dravida Organization, by Denial of God Principles. Before going in deep with periyarism, we may take a look of British India and Post Independence period how periyarism rooted in India and how it is developed, obtained it's political power in Tamilnadu.

First Spark in Indian Freedom by Tamils
Some of the article writers has argued that the freedom fights ignited somewhere in Northern India, where it was slowly conquered to other part of India but, Actually the ignite of freedom has came from the Tamil palayakarars in 17th Century, Verran Alagu Muthukone, Maruthu Pandiyargal has rebelled against the British East India Company. The Velu Nachiyar (1730-1796), the only Queen in India, even the whole world who regained her Kingdom by war and nightmare to British with her knowledge in various dialects, war tactic, correlation force and successfully defeated the British and ruled Sivaganga estate for several years, it remain the unbreakable record in the history of freedom fight in Indian Sub Continent, even to the entire south east asia. The remarkable story of her story has untold and has been overlooked for centuries and Tamils believed that these stories of their ancestry legacy has been ignored for political gains.

Madras Presidency (Geographical and Political View)
The British has used various tactics, techniques, strategies to bring the entire country, including all the southern states under British Raj. During the princely countries, the countries were under the threat of colonial custody, some indirectly under the custody, some directly under the custody of Mughal, British and French, where the princely countries into war often, increased the castism slowly bouncing up in the society, where the higher classes discriminating the lower class people, in the name of Varna.

The British Rulers has quickly learned, understood and taking advantages of every situation of the time and reforms the country by sub-divided the country 3 major presidency town for administrative purpose. The Presidency of Madras, Kolkata and Bombay were carefully planned by the British by placing their regiments in the capitals of Madras, Kolkata and Bombay. The learnt British presidency towns and bring the entire country under their rule; unleashed the army and purged the princely country through East India Company.

The British India established Madras Presidency in 1639, by having the present state of Tamilnadu along with some of the parts of present states in Andrapradesh, Karnataka and Kerala state; since these dialects, scripts and artistic mostly resemble each other. The southern India under British provincial administration by Madras Town (Chennai) by having St. George Fort, as administrative subdivision of British India and successfully administrated the Madras Presidency (Present south India).

The British Presidency town establishment has destroyed the home land king's rules and united the states as under the single rule, law, taxes that increasing the relationship and bond between these states. These states has united under one rule, where they has already a uniform cultural relation where their brother hood improved as one, as Dravidian, but however there are setbacks found on the society, when the dominant castes trying to disqualify the lower castes through Varna principles and discrimination take places often in the society. British Raj has taken some steps to eradicate the discrimination but, they succeed very minor since the implementation of such acts has not been fully enforced by law.

Entry point to Periyarism
After Independence from British in 1947, the nation under the threat of separation has quickly integrated the 550 princely states into unification of one country, India by its remarkable national leader Bharth Ratna Shri Vallabhai Patel, the real Iron man of India. If that Iron Man could failed in his mission, India might then probably a place like banana republic fighting each other and place for civil wars like gulf or Africa. Indian Parliament has officially divided the states by the State Reorganization Act in 1956, where the country has been divided into 14 states and 6 Union Territories for administrative purposes and it has been classified of the common dialect usage of each state. Later, it has been reorganized again with 28 States and 8 Union Territories and being the best and largest democracy of this world.

The Government has taken several steps to eradicate the varna and un-touchablity and bring the quality by various Acts. Government of India almost succeeded in eradication of varna by enforcement of law but it could not able to eradicate the caste, since caste has seen as identity of the clan, where that came under the ambit of secularism to preserving the culture, language and practices, etc. The castism and discrimination base on birth caste has been increased then, would probably the gave an entry point to E.V.Ramasamy to implement his social reformation by sharpening his edges against the Anti- Brahmin and Anti- Hindi and Denial of God policies among the Madras State, combing the all dravida languages, precisely coined his political party Dravida Kazhagam against the ruling national party, the Congress, then.

Tamilnadu as a New State
The reorganization of states with new geographical map has been come into place in year 1956 under the Union of India. The earlier Madras Presidency of British Raj vast geographical map has been replaced by the Union of India, where the Madras State came into existence and eventually it is replaced the name as Tamil Nadu in 1969, covering almost 1,30,058 sq km, sharing it's borders with neighboring states Kerala, Karnataka and Andra Pradesh.

All these states has almost considered as classical status, where they has history of literary own identified for centuries; now being protected its state secularism by Constitution of India and with a Preamble WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into SOVEREIGN, SOCIALIST, SECULAR, DEMOCRATIC, REPUBLIC and to secure all its Citizens.

The Union Vs State � Balance of Powers
The union government and states government both were elected directly by its people where federalism ration with secularism has absolutely balanced as Libra' where only few countries in the world has such similarities of better governance. Though Union has empowered more than the state, state has some rights to preserve their culture, identity and their language by law. The conferred rights under the Article 29 (1) of the Constitution of India states, �Any section of the citizens residing in the territory of India or any part thereof having a distinct language, script or culture of its own shall have the right to conserve the same'.

Thanthai Periyar and Dravidar Kazhagam
The religious Tamilnadu which has been the roots of several literary by saint Alwars and Nayanmars over centuries has been testified by one, social activist, Erode Venkattappa Ramasamy known as Thanthai Periyar within his life span of 94 years. Sri E.V.Ramasamy (1879-1973), has born 1879 and has participated in Indian National Congress from 1919 to 1925 and participated in Satyagraha during the Independence, basically a congress man, who has left his congress party when he felt the congress national party is dominated by Brahmin community and where he might found there may be a necessity for a state party to contest with the national party.

His anti-brahmin idealogy rapidly obtained him the position in Justice party, eventually he became the head of the Justice party in 1944. Justice Party established in 1916 has completely changed into the reformation principle of periyar, then, changed the party name is Dravidar Kazhagam. He travelled all over Tamil Nadu over 50 years and continuously given revolutionary speech his dravida principles, the impact of his speech over has replanted the Tamilnadu with principles of Denial of God as Dravida, disconnecting of the root of Dravida with Hinduism.

Self Respect Moment in Tamil Nadu
The Perriyar has criticized that the Brahmin community subjugation and continue discriminating of non-brahmin dravidans, where his parties has tend to eradicate the caste and caste based discrimination through his principles of Dravida. He opposed the exploitation and marginalization of non-brahmin people of Tamilnadu and has launched Self Respect Movement in year 1956 & used the movement against the Brahmins, who competently manage the temple administration, and condemn them as Aryans, who's language dialect has Sanskrit and creating frontier opposition against Hindi Language. The thousands of your delightful hindu cultures, delightful poetry and literacy has been slowly tranquilized by Periyarisam, where he managed to present his social reformation with caste eradication through Dravida Kazhagam, infested and planted anti brahim, anti hindi policies and claimed these are the principles of Dravida.

Dravida Nation, advocated by C.N.Annadurai (1909-1969)
Sri C.N.Annadurai, known as Arrinar Anna (meaninly Scholar Man), who left the Dravida Kazhagam and started his party Dravida Munetra Kazhagam when Thanthai periyar to Maniammai, much younger age women and has protested against the National party by gathering men on his side for Dravida Munetra Kazhagam, by Madras Anti-Hindi Agitations in year 1965.

The congress party of Tamilnadu has leaded by the legendary, Bharth Ratna Sir Kamaraj and besides ruling Tamil nadu state as Chief Minister was defeated by Sri Annadurai in state election by C.N.Annadurai. He was the one used the Tamil Cinema extensively for Political propaganda and brought various legends like Bhartha Ratana Sri M.G.Rama Chandran and M.Karuna nithi from Tamil cinema to Tamil politics to advance his troop by succeeding his political party; he advocated an Independent Dravida Nation, Dravida Nadu, became chief minister of Madras state from 1967 to 1969. Though he short lived as chief minister, he was one first who succeeded against the national party by installing a state party after Periyar, ultimately his crew gained the powers and sailed the principles of Dravida Munetra Kazhagam, as an established a state party.

Dravida Munetra Kazhagam, lead by Sri. Karunanidhi
Sri M.Karunanidi (1924-2018), known as Kalaingar (Artist), who is the longest chief minister of Tamilnadu for 6863 days and long standing leader of Dravidan Movement, in the history of Tamilnadu, almost the same life span of Periyar, 94 years. Sri M.Karunanidi has elected as MLA by defeating Indian National congress candidate in 1957, later became treasurer of the party and became the deputy leader of opposition in 1962, then became the Minister for public works in 1967, finally succeeded the Dravida Munetra Kazhagam and became the chief minister of Tamilnadu in 1969 after the death of Chief Minister C.N.Annadurai. During the emergency 1970, he opposed the Emergency and his government was dismissed by the former Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi and jailed till the emergency lifted. Beyond his political activism, his contribution to Tamil flim industries by screen writing, has contributed it's Literacy and written various books.

The political carrier of Sri Karunathi over 65 years from a party member of DMK, MLA, Minister, Chief Minister, Opposition Leader, an outstanding political history with various controversy alliance, various controversy decision, that ever made, ever imagine, ever told and that would not under the preview of this article. However his one time friend, Bharatha Rathna, Sri Rama Chandran became political rival after several conflicts in the party and started Anna Dravida Munetra Kazhagam in 1972. His political rival M.G.R, contemned Sri Karnunanithi belongs to Telugu Ancestry. Sri Karunanithi died in year 2018.

Anna Dravida Munetra Kazhagam by Sri. M.G. Ramachandran:
Bharatha Rathna Sri. M.G.Ramachandran, known as M.G.R for his humanitarian works for the entire world, was a film actor impressed by Gandhian principles and joined in Congress party. Some reasons he has left the Congress party and joined with C.N.Annadurai and take part in the Dravida Munetra Kazhagam, became famous with people of Tamilnadu through his films around 136. He has elected as MLA for Parangimalai in 1967 and C.N.Annadurai has presented the films of MGR with DMK motivation.

The public were being catch hold of the DMK activism in the films with literary and songs gained a name Puratchi Thalaivar (Revolutionary Leader) to M.G.R. After the death of C.N.Annadurai, Sri Karunanithi getting into power and trying to expose his son M.K.Muthu to flim and politics in a big way by imitating the styles of M.G.R in 1972, when Sri M.G.R has accusing Chief Minister Sri Karunanithi then, for corruption. M.G.Ramachandran founded AIADMK / ADMK by taking significant supporters of Dravida Munetra Kazhagam, who has defeated Sri Karunanithi in 1977 election with Indra's Congress. The legacy of M.G.R and his AIADMK government from 1977 to 1987 was known for humanitarian rule in the history of Tamilnadu. M.G.R died in year 1987. His political rivals, contemned that MGR has belongs to Malayalam Ancestry, but those contest were ignored by majority of Tamils.

Anna Dravida Munetra Kazhagam lead by Selvi J.Jayalalitha
Selvi J.Jayalalitha (1948-2016), known as Amma (Mother), also known as Puratchi Thalaivi (Revolutionary women Leader), was a film actress; has acted in various Tamil films around 140, including the films of M.G.Ramachandran. She has joined AIADMK in 1982 when MGR was the chief minister of Tamilnadu. She was chosen as Rajah shaba M.P in year 1984 and became the deputy position to MGR in the party.

MGR has died in year 1987. She proclaimed herself as the political heir of MGR, managed to succeed as AIADMK party leader. She born in to Iyengar (Brahmin) family and has taken over the Anna Dravida Munetra Kazhagam in 1989 with a different dimension by eradicating the Rationalism principles from AIADMK party. She has seen as very much determined person by various jurists, but however she has also seen as emotional on her decision rather than diplomat, where such leadership personality has taken her to peak heights, as well as dark downs in her political history. She was elected 6 times as chief minister and the same time she lost her victory where some of allegations which would not under the preview of this article. She has been convicted by law and died in 2016.

What make the State Parties to succeed against the Central Parties for almost 54 years (1967-2021)? Why national parties like Congress & Bharatiya Janatha Party could not compete alone in Election?

Brainstorming the common similarities found in previous Chief Ministers, the leaders, who established the state party against the mighty national parities, their strategies, their tactics, their advancements etc:

  1. The Chief Minister should be seen state of the state, an Iconic Member, who would be political face at least one decade. May be directly chosen by people in election like former chief ministers like Kamaraj, C.N.Annadurai, Karunanithi, MGR etc, or the candidate has been chosen indirectly as deputy to party by appointing him/her as Rajya Sabha M.P, like J.Jayalalitha and thus, the popularity get developed as politician in default. Why?

    In history of Tamilnadu, people did not recognize any their chief minister, just because the leader of national party/ state party. The leader who has not gained the political reorganization as MLA/MP , would not have any chance to win the heart of public, no matter they were chief of any party. If they do not have such reorganization, they have no chance in winning any election, no matter of any background. This is the only reason, the politicians in Tamilnadu, trying to get the reorganization for their heirs as MLA or MP, and obtain default reorganization with people. The state parties well groomed their election candidate either by direct or indirect party reorganization and talk in public for at least for a decade. The state parties believe in the reorganization for party member like a long run relay race, where National parties have believed on the strength to push their candidate like a 100 meter short run race.

    National parties have certainly overlooked to coin their party members to get default reorganization as political party member and rushed to election with unrecognized candidates by their aprioristic contribution to party but forgetting the facts that their candidates would not yield the votes, either lost in election, or falling prey to answer the national leader why they lost. The National party has continuously failed to groom their election candidate through default reorganization and launching them into election exactly like the way that Hostile Planet - Baby Barnacle Geese story, and where these candidates has not groomed properly, has not obtained their size / strength and has sent to field to compete with well groomed state territorial party members. As show in the clip, they has been preyed in the young stage, being coined as unsuccessful. The new leaders has abruptly struggle to proof their self for decades with limited support from the party from state and central and could not able to obtain the yield for the party during the elections; being criticized and de-motivated by the state party media. The leaders who speak on media bravely condemn the opposition, where being squeezed, being under the threat of attack or murder.

    The parties senior most recognized by default public reorganization as MP or MLA were not brought forward to take the state leadership of their party but the unrecognized candidates from national parties seen to public for an alternative party choice on the election campaign. The National parties has not allowed by these candidates to take dual role for both state and central. (Congress MP P.Chidambaran, former BJP MP C.P.Radhakrishnan, former BJP MP. Pon Radhakrishnan has known to public has not take the state leadership of Tamilnadu). These leaders were kept as senior mentor for advancing battle from central, has not been used well for yielding the state election votes.
  2. The divisions and Partition in National Parties in state spotted by media, as No Unity resulted with Non Cooperation & Non Coordination

    The National Parties has various division and subdivision in their state party, these divisions and partition lead the party member to different destination rather than one destination. The party lead by different leaders creates unsolved disputes for decades. The shocking truth is that, National parties has taken any serious steps to unit them under one umbrellas as ONE LEADER � ONE DIRECTION and enter the election with subdivisions, with any groomed candidate as stated in point (1).

    The Tamilnadu Congress party under Indian National Congress has divided as with subdivisions knownly, Tamilmanila Congress, Tamilnadu Makkal Congress, Tamil Manila Kamaraj Congress. The people of Tamilnadu has under the visualization that the National party has no other choice to arrive conclusion that the National Party is unsuccessful to proof their leadership and direction, hence, they stick with the state parties likely DMK or ADMK.

    The Tamilnadu BJP party under National Bharatiya Janatha Party has been supported by various Hindu parties and organization like Hindu Makkal Katchi, Hindu Munnani, Hanuman Sena with their parties backed with their leaders like Sri Arjun Sampath & Sri Rama Gopalan (Deceased), Sri Sridhar who are known to public for decades has not left the chances of contesting the candidates into state election on behalf of BJP party; whereas the State Party DMK contested his alliance VKC leader Sri Thol Thirumavalavan using the DMK symbol and elected for MP election.

    The state parties has much focused in coordination between them under one leadership, where national parties has overlooked these chances in the timely decision and required a longer approval time from central which looked to be big demerit, where the national parties has loose the opportunity of success in the contested elections.
  3. The leaders of the state parties carefully chosen their election candidate by considering various aspects such; Caste of majority in the contested region to gain community vote, the loyalty of the candidate, their political and financial background, their independent skills in literary or speaking skills, their contribution to Tamil society and media familiarity etc.

    The National parties who has chosen their candidate base on the contribution to the party alone, these parties has seen candidates loyalty; who are mostly recommended by their regional leaders. The most loyal candidate that does not mean they has possessed with political & financial strength to compete and succeed against the opposition, especially when the media support to home state parties.

    The tactics of state parties are more customized than the national parties in choosing their election candidates. The state parties has most tricky in announcing the election candidate, where they announce their candidate after the opposition announce the candidate of their choice, allocate the seats to alliance where there were possibility of losing it.
  4. The CM candidate can be chosen from the caste that has majority in population (Kamaraj from 1954 to 1963 & recently E.P.S from 2017 to 2021)
    The advances of keeping the caste majority candidate in election were there some time only in the history of Tamilndau. The majority of caste, preferred candidate would face unpredictable challenges once they obtained their power. The opposition trying to project the ruling party and their government bias on one particular community and atrocity with the another community and trying to yield that there will be denial of social justice.
  5. In order to avoid power trip, caste conflicts, CM candidate would preferably a person who stand as Libra rather than the person chosen from caste that has majority in population. (C.N.Annadurai, M.G.R, Jayalalitha, Karunanithi- from 1969 to 2018).

    CM or PM, it should be choice of people, whom could be a person for all, and not bias to any single group such as caste, sub-caste, subdivision, where his association should be accepted by all community. The State of Tamilnadu has history of different ancestry but many of them were belongs to the caste, which could be minor in population, not seen as threat or rival to any specific community, especially to major volume communities in the state. These leaders have obtained the trust of almost every caste people, obtained support from all beyond any condition.
  6. The CM candidate should be good speaker in Tamil dialect, as well as good knowledge of English, but people, preferably see they have not speak any other languages.
    People have not seen any state party leaders who speak any language other than Tamil and English, in the past 75 years. The state politician has advantage of Tamil speaking skills, where they could be the realized that they belong to Home land. More ever, their dress code in traditional doti or saree typically express the identity of Simplicity and Humanitarian, likely next door uncle or aunt and these registration would has deep impact to public accepting them as their own family member.

    National Party leaders represented their party state leaders often wear the dress other than doti/saree, speaking the language in Hindi, has been represented by most of the bias media in Tamilnadu State, there were rival came to take away the rights and wealth of state people. Some of the leaders who knows that Tamil People accepting all peoples by the statement Yaadum Oora, Yavarum Kayleer and Hon'ble Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi has quoted Tamil Literary Thiru Kural during several convention across globe including the parliamentary discussion and win the millions of fans in Tamilnadu.

    His approach while representation of India, during the Chinese Prime Minister visit to India, at Mahabalipuram, he has wear the Traditional Doti and explained the artistic of Pallava Kingdom's, make the Tamils to say COME ON MODI, rather than saying go back modi and pushed the opposition worried about their grip in their identity.

    Though the central BJP has followed the dress code, the state party BJP's representatives has ignored to wear traditional dress. They are wearing Pant & Shirt during the political debates, during the election campaign, during their press release. The leaders who not wear doti/saree could not be sustain them self as politician for a decade, even they sustain as a politician, they could not succeed as a familiar. Whereas the most of DMK/ ADMK state leaders, their party members wearing the Iconic Tamil Traditional WHITE SHIRT, ALONG WITH WHITE DHOTI, perfectly well washed, ironed stiff, gained a respect for the politician, which was greatly overlooked by the National parties.
  7. The Election candidate must be Humanitarian, doesn't matter whether theologies or rationalist is.
    From the ancient story of characteristic of Karna to till recent day politician MGR, the name of Humanitarian has not been removed from any, for their spectacular offering of everything in the interest of people welfare. The people fall in love with humanitarian, simply following their foot prints with trust than any one. The Politician who proud of his powers abruptly fall when they unnecessary enter in to the conflicts by pointing the errors of the enemies, where the politician who has Humanitarian characteristic has often win the victory, no matter which side he was.

    National Parties has not chosen any candidates from the aspects of Humanitarian ground, where they only choose the candidate on the aspects of their publicity in media, such as cinema or choose the candidate from their political background.

    State Parties has chosen many candidates from the aspects of service. The people who came from the interior village, has been sitting next to state leader as deputy, has absolutely powers to operate the regional members in the interest of party. The National Party leaders have bicameral systems to satisfy both their central and state management, where they could not exercise their powers in the interest of party.
  8. Candidates Representation and their Legislative knowledge
    The National parties has also wisely choosing their leaders by various background including the retired IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS services, than young advocates. These wise experienced men has helped the national parties by identifying the various cause of actions like scams, financial crimes etc. These retired wise men may apply for backend drive to set the goal, to make formation on election, to choose the candidate, but definitely not for frontier line for field work, where it is absolutely for forceful young men and women.

    The most of the Tamilnadu politicians were lawyers, they have been chosen by the state party leaders taken from different regions with various backgrounds. Though they were not into practice in the law field, they has keen legal knowledge, known for their great sense of humor in dealing critical situation, presenting their party well, representing their leaders in odds and keep the party away from disputes, knowing the constitution remedies, applying the law when in need and tackling the situation without angry, without fear, without hurting any public.
  9. Political works shops conducted by State Parties
    The state parties has conducting various literacy workshops known as �Pattimanram', where they choose different topics and conduct debate between the participants, where the stage revolve absolutely with the Tamil literacy & Poetry skills with referred political agenda. The state parties has always try to catch hold the best spokesman on their side, where these spoke man like Salaman Pappaya, Dhindugal Leoni, Suki Sivam recognized as Precious Jewels to treasury to State politics, where their great sense of humor applied with political touch without hurting any for decades. The Pattimanram has enormous influence in the general public, especially in Tamilnadu because it is mixture of literacy, poetry, politics, social science with cultural and artistic work. The wise politicians like Sri Karnunanithi has always take initiative to conduct Pattimanram and give various rewards to the spokes man, who supports his party.

The National Parties has not conducting any such art or literacy camps but they conduct the meetings where they probably promote their party and condemning other party. The reach of the Pattimanram is far than the reach of any political advancement meeting and hence, the state parties keep conducting the Pattimanram all over the state, every week and people came for Pattimanram largely to enjoy the enrichment of literacy, where they were conveyed with state political agenda.

Suggestions to National Parties:
  • Unit all their parties under ONE LEADERSHIP is one and only chance to meet the mighty state party, rather than keeping hundreds of sub-division in them.
  • The ONE LEADER, who is Tamil speaking Person and his trusted DEPUTY, along his COMMANDERS should sail on ONE DIRECTION
  • The QUALITY OF LEADER, who not only speaks what their legacy of the party, who not only condemn their opposition but HE/SHE, should be Humanitarian, who can't allow any sub-divisions, Great Sense of Humor before Media (Not lose his temper at any time), Announce Public welfare Independently, Diplomat who knew Tamil history, Literacy and Tradition, Tact to handle Rationalism.
  • Most of the state police under the perusal of Chief Minister and he often withdraw the protection of Person who speaks controversy and thus adverse action taken against the TAMILNADU LEADERS who take lead of national parties. No proper protection given to them and their families in Tamilnadu and they could not able to express these harassment other than the Hon'ble Court. PROTECT their TAMILNADU LEADER, by CENTRAL ORGNIZATION, not keep their safety or security in the hands of State Organization at any time.
  • Issue Unlimited powers to the Leaders who lead their party in Tamilnadu, taught them to be INDEPENDENT to decide how to work and gain their victory, rather than seeking the help and direction from CENTRAL LEADERS.
  • RENAME the AIRPORT, BUS TERMINALS, with ANCIENT TAMIL KINGS & QUEEN, TAMIL POETS, TAMIL SAINTS, rather than 20th centaury leaders. (Eg. Cheran Chenkutuvan, Raja Raja Cholan, Velu Naciyar, Ramanujar, Bharathiyar, Aowaiyar etc) and thus, make Tamils happy and recall their stories.
  • REBUILD the ARTISTIC WORK such as Bhartha Natya, Pattimandram for taking the message to People that how much they contribute to society.

Suggestions to State Parties:
  • The ADMK and DMK are under the threat of their own siblings parties and Make the all of state parties, UNITED, rather than divided on election and take yield in election.
  • Not allowing the Party Split � NO SPLIT
  • Time to Speak for NO ALCHOHAL and which is need for the State, to succeed this election to the next.
  • Rather than promising the administrative benefits to the people, announce NEW SCHEMES as earlier state leaders directed, for WOMEN EMPOWERMENT, CHILD WELFARE, EDUCATION, ORGANIC CULTIVATION etc
  • Many of the state leaders who not speak about corruption and they defend their side that they are not yet convicted , rather than it is the Time to promise the people that NO CORRUPTION allowed during their rule.

LIBRA � Gauge
By weighing the national parties and state parties, the state parties are better stage in 2021 election campaign, where well established, well recognized and well reached the public and their leaders are much more recognized by Public, in both urban and rural.

Though National Parties has not ultimate leader of the state bjp in election 2021, they certainly well guided by their ultimate National leadership, Sri Jagat Prakash Nadda and Sri Ragul. The National parties has no other option to be leaded by State parties, by keeping the state party leaders as Chief Minister Candidate to face election 2021.

The upcoming selection in 2021 for State Assembly, will going to take place after the death two senior most leaders, Sri M. Karunanithi of DMK and Selvi J.Jayalalitha of ADMK, that going to decide the destiny of the several parties of the state and national.

The result of the election would not be only seen like just between the DMK and ADMK, It would rather seen the compact been the Two different ideologies;

DMK under the leader Sri Stalin, allied with National Congress for Dravida Principles and Minority protection policies, and moving his regime against the Hindutva, and sustaining the root of Perriyarism.

ADMK under dual leadership Sri Palanisamy & Sri Paneer selvam as Double barrel gun, with an alliance of Central ruling Bharatiya Janatha Party, moving their regime against to rid off DMK and the succession politics from the state.

As said Makkal Theeripay, Maahesan theerpu meaning, The decision of people would be the decision of god. These election also going to be one of the election for national parties to gain their respect in Tamilnadu and where the national leaders has paying enormous attention and this article could catch hold the political audience in the interest of General public.

Award Winning Article Is Written By: Mr.Ravikumar Vellingiri - researcher trying to obtain your feedback of this article and you may post you feed back to [email protected]
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Section 482 CrPc - Quashing Of FIR: Guid...


The Inherent power under Section 482 in The Code Of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (37th Chapter of t...

The Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in India: A...


The Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is a concept that proposes the unification of personal laws across...

Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Legal...


Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing various sectors of the economy, and the legal i...

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