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First Information Report (FIR) And Meaning Of Zero FIR

Meaning of FIR:

First Information Report (FIR) can be defined as a written document prepared by the police once they receive information about the commission of a cognizable crime only. FIR is a document that places on record the victim's side of the story. FIR acts as a tool on which police authority's base and starts their investigations. Hence, it is pretty clear that an FIR plays a vital role in criminal proceedings.

It is a report of information about the commission of offence that reaches the police first in point of time and which is why it is called the First Information Report.

Anyone can report the commission of a cognizable offence (Cognizable offence is an offence for which the police can arrest a person without warrant) either orally or in writing to the police, it is not necessary that the person should be present at Crimescene.
  • Who can file an FIR?

    Anyone who knows about the commission of a cognizable offence can file an FIR. It is not necessary that only the victim of the crime should file an FIR. A police officer who comes to know about a cognizable offence can file an FIR himself/herself. being committed.
  • What is the procedure for filing an FIR?

    The process of filing an FIR is very simple. It is as simple as narrating a story to the police. The informant has to visit the police station (ideally near the crime scene) and furnish all the information he/she has pertaining to the commission of an offence. Section 154 of the CrPC gives a choice to the informant to furnish information orally or in writing. If the information is disclosed orally then, the report must be reduced to writing by the police officer himself or under his direction. The report must be read out to the informant. Every report whether reduced to writing or submitted in written form, shall be signed by the informant.
  • FIR in case of non-cognizable offences:

    In case of non-cognizable offence, the person will have to approach the officer in charge, who shall further enter such information in his book (as prescribed by the state government). The police officer can start the investigation only after the magistrate gives the order under sec155(3) of Crpc.
After receiving the complaint, the magistrate will look upon on the issue and if he is satisfied the offence committed is of non cognizable in nature, then he orders for further investigation.

Meaning Of Zero FIR

Zero FIR can be filed in any police station and same can be later transferred appropriate police station.

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