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The Kinds Of Punishments In Benthamite Era

The nature of the evil is the same, but how different the effect! Jeremy Bentham wrote The Theory of Legislation and Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation articulating some of the fundamental ideas of his view. Bentham's concern for social facts is manifested in several different ways in his work.

The fundamental social facts of Bentham's universe are pleasures and pains, motives, sensibilities, dispositions, and expectations. Bentham was constrained about the punishments and therefore gave several kinds of punishments. This is due chiefly to his regard for facts and circumspection generated thereby. 

The whole matter of punishment may be distributed under the following heads:
  1. Capital Punishments - Immediate end to the life f the offender.
  2. Afflictive Punishments - Corporal sufferings.
  3. Indelible Punishments - Permanent effect upon the body, as branding and amputation.
  4. Ignominious Punishments - Expose the offender to the contempt of the spectators.
  5. Penitential Punishments - An awakening sentiment of shame.
  6. Chronic Punishments- Banishment and imprisonment.
  7. Punishments simply restrictive- Restraint or Restriction.
  8. Punishments simply compulsive-  Causing Inconvenience.
  9. Pecuniary Punishment -Depriving the delinquent of a sum of money.

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