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Khalistan Issue: Myth & Fact, Solution

Khalistan Movement is a Separatist Movement with main aim to create a Nation State which would serve as a Homeland for Sikhs in Punjab Region Of Indian Subcontinent. The proposed state would consist of land that currently forms Punjab, India & Punjab, Pakistan.

Ever since the movement garnered support in1980s, the territorial ambitions of Khalistan have at times included Chandigarh, Indian Punjab, including North India & some parts of the western states. PM of Pak Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, according Jagjit Singh Chohan had proposed all out help to create Khalistan during his talks with Chohan, following the conclusion of the Indo Pak War of 1971 which resulted in creation of Bangladesh.

The call for a separate Sikh state began in wake of the fall of the British Rule. In 1940, the first explicit call for Khalistan was made in a pamphlet titled "Khalistan". With financial & political support of Sikh diaspora, the movement flourished in the Indian state of Punjab � with Sikh majority population , continuing through the 1970s & reaching zenith in the late 1980s. In 1990s, insurgency ended & the movement failed due to heavy police crackdown on separatists, factional fighting, & loss of support.

Historical Background
Sikhs have been concentrated in the Punjab Region of South Asia. Before its conquest by the British, the region around Punjab had been ruled by the confederacy of 12 Sikh Misls founded by Banda Singh Bahadur. These Misls controlled Punjab region after defeating Mughals & Afghans from 1767 to 1799, until their unification in the Sikh Empire by Maharaja Ranjit Singh from 1799 to 1849.

In 1849, the Sikh Empire dissolved into separate princely states & the Punjab Province of British India. As a result of the British policy of divide & rule, which involved differentiating & dividing Indians.

British Indian Empire began to weaken in 1930s, Sikh Leadership come with demand of Separate Sikh Nation. When the Lahore Resolution of Muslim League demanded Punjab be made into Pakistan, the Akalis viewed it as an attempt to usurp historically Sikh territory. In response, Shiromani Akali Dal argued for a community that was separate from Hindus & Muslims.
British India was partitioned on religious basis in 1947, where the Punjab province was divided between India & Pakistan.

As result, a majority of Sikhs, along Hindus, migrated from Pakistani region to India's Punjab, which included present-day Haryana & Himachal Pradesh. The Sikh population dropped to 0.1% in Pakistan which was 19.1 % at partition & rose in the districts assigned to India.

Then Akali Dal demanded a Punjabi speaking Suba on basis of language, which resulted into decade long agitation. Punjab was reorganized in 1966 with creation of Haryana & Chandigarh UT . With The Green Revolution in India, Punjab State was the frontrunner to implement in agriculture & to make India Self Sufficient in Foodgrains with contribution of other states.

This created issue to farmers who faced difficulties due to new techniques in Agriculture caused by Green Revolution , So Farmer Movement started at that time. Shiromani Akali Dal was defeated in the 1972 Assembly Elections. To regain public appeal, SAD put forward the Anandpur Resolution in 1973 to demand division of power & further autonomy to Punjab. The Resolution consisted of Religious & Political Demands which also included to Transfer of Chandigarh & other areas back to Punjab.

It also demanded that power be radically divided from Centre to State & also a creation of River Water Tribunal to decide sharing Of River Water of Sutlej, Beas, Ravi Rivers with Non Riparian States like Haryana & Rajasthan which was being shared unjust by Central Govt with creations of Canals like S.Y.L Canal , IG Canal , BML Canal etc from Punjab.

GoI termed it as separatist document which led to Insurgency in Punjab. During this militancy in Punjab Innocents were being killed by militants & communal tension rose in Punjab & leader of Damdami Taksal Jarnail Singh Bhindranwala gained popularity & he favoured Anandpur Resolution which talked about these demands. Killings of innocent was happening on the name of Khalistan & to curb this GoI ordered Army Action against Bhindranwala & his armed supporters in Golden Temple Complex codenamed Operation Blue Star in June 1984 which hurted the sentiments of Sikhs worldwide.

As Consequence Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her bodyguards which resulted into anti sikh riots of Nov 1984 also known as Sikh Genocide. After this all , Insurgency was at peak. Innocent were being killed by militants. In 1992 INC won Punjab Assembly Elections & Beant Singh became CM of Punjab. He ordered to curb militancy under DGP K.P.S. Gill.

Till 1995 Insurgency ended from Punjab but with mass violations of human rights by Punjab Police in form of extra-judicial killings. Jaswant Singh Khalra , a human rights activist who exposed lists of 25000 unclaimed dead bodies of persons killed in extra � judicial killings by Punjab Police , was assassinated by Police personnels who were later sentenced to Life Imprisonment by the court.

Myth & Real Fact
The basic cause of this was British policy of divide & rule. After enactment of Indian Constitution , a claim was made & spreaded that Sikhs are being clubbed & included as a part of Hinduism under Article 25(2)(b) which ambiguously explains that "the reference to Hindus shall be construed as including a reference to persons professing the Sikh, Jaina, Buddhist religion.�

If the constitution makers had COMMUNAL IDEA then Why they added Article 25(1) while implicitly recognizing Sikhism as distinct religion states "the wearing and carrying of kripans shall be deemed to be included in the profession of the Sikh religion.�

Which is a very clear & contradicting answers to the separatists on the name of Khalistan as Sikhism is recognised as religion in Article 25(1).
So this spreaded misunderstanding claim has resulted in hate & in loss of life.

Article 25(2)(b) was added for purpose of some laws enacted by Parliament to enforce them on 4 Religions i.e. Sikhs , Hindus, Buddhist & Jains by including them into wider Umbrella Term Hindu

Farmers Protest
In ongoing farmer agitation , some miscreants raised Pro Khalistan slogans through which media started to malign peaceful protest as separatist which is totally wrong. The Farmers Protest isn't Sikhs v/s India . This all is used by Sikhs For Justice a banned organization by Indian Govt. who is using it for it's vested interests & creating divide b/w Sikhs & fellow Indians which against the core values of Sikhism & also by the media & politicians to end this peaceful protest.

But recent Mishap at The Red Fort on Republic Day added fuel to tensions. As Farm Unions gave a call of Tractor March which was given permission by Delhi Police. As Police put restrictions enroute , they started to remove those restrictions & change of the route of rally. As a result protesting people got divided & without an elder leader reached Red Fort.

Where they approached inside & some miscreants under the influence of Actor Deep Sidhu & Lakha Sidhana hoisted Kesari Nishan Sahib & Farmer Union Flag at The Ramparts of Red Fort. Which caused insult & shame on republic day, however situation was controlled & some violence reported with police.

This Act of hoisting religious flags was totally wrong & idiotic as India is democratic State & National Flag's respect is supreme. Some Communist Red Flags were also tried to hoist. Farmer Leaders & Politicians condemned this act. In 1783 Sikh victory on Mughals, Nishan Sahib was hoisted but now circumstances are different & this is totally wrong.

Author's View
This Issue is a bogus issue with no popular support now & Separatists in abroad are against peace & integrity of India.

I condemn this idiotic act of disgrace to National Flag & India. The Govt. Should Arrest & Investigate all culprits responsible & Govt must try to Extradite Banned S.F.J. chief Gurpatwant Singh Pannun who keeps announcing money on doing the tasks of creating unrest in India & many of his aides based in USA, UK, Canada.

Sikhs hold much respectful position in world, Let's aware people about it & prevent to tarnish the good image of Sikhism & expose these mental retards with vested interests & beware of mixing religion with politics as Khalistan issue is a result of all this & This issue now has very less support but mainly from Foreigners who are also demanding Justice To 1984 Sikh Genocide Victims.

If The Government is successful in giving justice to the victims which has started with the Life Imprisonment Sentence awarded to Congress Leader Sajjan Kumar as he instigated the violence & Many More responsible for it. Also Independent Tribunal should be created for River Water Allocation according To The Int'l Riparian Water Laws.

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