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Gender Discrimination Against Men

Inequality on the ground of gender or Gender discrimination is the most basic issue from the very beginning. Even though society thinks that women suffer from the inequality prevailing in society, I am going to argue against this. All traditional gender stereotypes are making men suffer more than women. Societal pressure and expectations affect a man�s health. All the aspiring feminists are talking about equal rights, but they never pay much care about equal responsibilities. An incident brought light to this problem. A man filed a petition in the supreme court because he was directed to pay monthly allowance to his wife after divorce (discussed below).

This case made people realize that sexual abuse and harassment are a man�s issue too.But societal expectations about what it means to �be a man� cause a survivor to suppress his trauma. Irrespective of the fact that there are no law or rules to support men, there are many laws which are made to blindly trust women. All these problems faced by men are so neglected that there are not enough resources to study even on the internet.

In this world, where women are getting equivalent training, business openings, and equivalent wages (in the vast majority of the nations). They are as yet anticipating that men should pay for their extravagant life. This mindset is supported by our Indian law system. According to Section 125 CRPC Citation The \l 16393 (1), the Husband is entitled to provide maintenance to his wife and minor kids even after divorce.

This arrangement not just disregards general rights, which is titled in article 14 and article 15 of Indian Constitution Citation The1 \l 16393 (2),it additionally prompts mental worry because of monetary weight. There is a case that shows discrimination on the ground of gender, without any reasonable clarification. A man filed a petition against the supreme court that he has been obligated to provide maintenance to his wife without taking note that he was merely a high school graduate and currently unemployed. On the other hand, his wife with a healthy mind and body, a graduate in English, sociology, and psychology, denies earning a living for herself Citation Liv \l 16393 (3). In earlier times, women were not used to working, and then men were in charge of the payments.

However, presently when women are giving an intense challenge to men in every segment, they ought to figure out how to take care of their tabs. It is still known that if a man pays the bill then he is a �gentleman�. In a survey, it is found that 39% of women wish men to reject their offer to pay on their first date while 44% bother when men expect them to pay Citation Hol17 \l 16393 (4).

It is not right that men always pay for expensive dinner and women just enjoy the food. Not only for food but women expect men to pay for movies, condoms, etc. Nowadays men also use products (hygiene and beauty related), but they do not demand them for free like women do (like sanitary pads, tampons, etc).

Under the Hindu Succession Act Citation The \l 16393 (5), the will of a deceased child goes to the mother and not to the father. If fathers are supposed to pay for them then it should be a father's right on the property.

Sexual abuse, rape, and harassment is a major problem. And historically, it was meant and defined as a crime against women. Abuse against men is considered taboo. People still think that men cannot be raped. Conservative thinking of society that �men don�t cry� and �men are strong enough to protect themselves� is the sole reason why men do not report them being raped or harassed. One out of six men is sexually abused at some point in their lives, it is most probably a low estimate as most men suffer in silence.

At a youthful age, men are informed that they cannot be, or even seem frail. The essential thought that men cannot be mishandled or bugged, adds to the sex imbalance. Men do endure all types of savagery and it is more terrible for them because in general, they do not address their agony. It is accepted that being manhandled or bothered does not have an indistinguishable effect on men from what it has on women. Be that as it may, the fact of the matter is the impacts are the same on both the sexual orientations. The shame or doubt of society influences men rationally and prompts misery, self-destructive idea, substance misuse, foolish conduct, and so on. It influences their education and vocation too.

Most of the rules and Indian laws exceptionally support females. There are no acknowledgment of male maltreatment and police scarcely record an FIR Citation Dav \l 16393 (6).

At the point when a dissident argues that assault laws ought to be sexually unbiased, women activists revealed that it will lessen the estimation of such laws and it will be confounded for judges in court.

Aside from the way that there are no standards for men, there are laws that are made to aimlessly confide in ladies. Section 113b of the Indian Evidence Act Citation The1 \l 16393 (7) says that if women kill herself within 7 years of marriage, it ought to be implied that it is a direct result of endowment weight from in-laws. As indicated by IPC 498A, men and his family are considered offenders naturally.

Women can send their in-laws to imprison in a bogus endowment body of evidence just by recording FIR against them Citation Ind1 \l 16393 (8). It has been discovered that just 4% of these cases go to court and just 2% are liable. Men's rights activists said that local maltreatment against men is not less than women and the suicide rate among men is twice what it is worth in ladies.

The Indian laws which are intended to secure ladies are these days used to bother and blackmail spouses. Additionally, the Government is against men in settlement and child authority cases. There is an ongoing case that supports the explanation that women are utilizing the law as a weapon to blame men which was intended to ensure them.

In Amity University, Noida, a girl dishonestly charged 2 boys. Those 2 boys were fiercely thrashed by 20 companions of girls, as a result of a slight verbal battle about parking. At the point when those boys went to file a complaint, it was discovered that the girl had just filed a harassment case against them Citation Ind19 \l 16393 (9). Studies demonstrated that over 80% of attack cases are phony.

As per law, if a kid underneath the age of 16 engages in sexual relations with a girl of the same age then he is considered an attacker notwithstanding that the sex is consensual. Rebuffing kids is complete shamefulness and separation on the grounds of gender. There is no power applied as the sex was consensual. What is more, the judgment ought not to be given on the grounds of manipulation as they are of the same age so deductively the psychological degree of two of them is the same.

Misandry is the unnoticed problem which almost every man is facing. And solving this problem is not that easy as it is with women. Women should start paying for themselves. All the laws or rules which blindly favour women should be abolished or edited. Like women want men to give them support while fighting for equal rights, they should support men for their equal responsibility fight.Individuals should bring light to the issue, by ending the silence and urge men to share their issues. Policemen should not make men feel like it is an impossible thing when they file a complaint against harassment, rape, or sexual abuse.

Not only policemen but the family members should also break the stereotypes that men cannot be weak or cannot cry. Government officials are needed to investigate completely before putting a tag of a rapist on boys. Family of both men and women go through the same problems in these types of problems, so it is unfair to give privileges to women. All these biased laws were made at a time when women were not getting equal rights, opportunities, freedom. Now when women are not suffering, these laws, stereotypes, and mindsets should be changed.


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Written By: Vanshika Mittal

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