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Education System-Its Position In India

Learning is an art. Education is the process of acquiring knowledge not only through learning but also through experience. Education should not be there only for learning subjects like Mathematics, Science but also for the application of that subject knowledge in our daily life and for the usefulness of our country like in the fields of Astronomy, Microbiology and also in other scientific research fields. But, the subject should be updated on the regular basis. But, education is not the new concept to India. In ancient India, an educational system called GURUKUL system was prevailed. In the Gurukul system, the students have to come to the place of GURU (teacher) and settle in that place for more years and then the students will begin to learn what the Guru teaches them. Firstly, the Guru will teach them all the Vedas, then the six Vedangas, Ayurveda, 64 kalas/professions etc. The students can be any person irrespective of castes. But there was a saying that only upper castes like Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishya can approach and learn in the Gurukul. But, it is not true because the Tribes who were earlier called Sudras are practicing Ayurveda in many places. If Sudras were not allowed to enter into the Gurukul, then how was it possible for them to learn Ayurveda? My view is that in ancient India all people were respected in an equal manner. In ancient India, moral principles were taught in the Gurukul. Morality was given high status. The students were seated on the ground and learned the lessons. The students had served their Guru in a good manner and respected him a lot. In the Gurukul, all kinds of students irrespective of their status (some may be the sons of the kings and some may be the ordinary people) had served their Guru and thought that the service to their Guru is the service to the God In the Gurukul system, the students had more interactions with the nature. Gradually, the educational system began to change especially during the British period. They brought a new change in the educational system by bringing common syllabus and subjects to all the people and made English as a compulsory language. Because of the introduction of this new educational system by Macaulay, the Gurukul system lost its importance. The British educational system is classroom-oriented. The students are made confined within the syllabus. Thus, Macaulay’s educational system had greatly affected our Indian educational system.

Education In Modern India:
The ancient Gurukul system had made the students to learn many good qualities like giving respect to others, patience, devotion, self-control, controlling anger, sacrificing materialistic things, the way to Moksha etc. It also taught the students the way and idea to apply the acquired knowledge in their daily life and for the welfare of the people. But, the British educational system totally collapsed our Indian educational system. Till now, in India, we are following the British educational system. Mostly, in our country, the students are mainly learning the subjects only for clearing the exams and for getting better jobs and for better settlements in their lives but some students learn the subjects in a practical manner and acquire the knowledge and use their knowledge for the beneficial activities of our country. But, most of the students are learning the subjects without practical knowledge. Unfortunately, in some states like Tamil Nadu, the Government had not updated the syllabus and for more than 10 years, the students are learning the same syllabus which their elder siblings had studied during their period. Now, the world we are living is the competitive world. So, the prevailing educational system should be reformed by the Government. Our Honorable Former President Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam says, “Indian Education Framework needs to change completely”. The Government should reform our educational system in the manner in which the students can acquire the practical knowledge of the subjects. The motives of the students should not be selfish. They have to apply their knowledge in their respective fields for the welfare of our country.

Position of Teachers In India- A Comparison:
“Matha, Pidha, Guru, Bhagavan”

Teaching is not a profession; it is the service to mankind. The position of the teachers in ancient India is very high. They were given a lot of respect. The students during the ancient period had respected their Guru as equal to the Gods. So, the students had lived the happy and prosperous life. But, now a day, the teachers are not given proper respect. If a teacher punishes or scolds a student, he is committing suicide. By committing suicide, he not only punishes his teacher but also his parents and his relatives. Suicide is not the good idea. Teachers are the second parents. They punish the students for the goodness of the students. So, the students must think of it from the stand of the teachers. But, the teachers must be perfect not only in his career but also in his character. He must treat the students in an equal manner. But, now-a-days, most of the teachers are not qualified for their posts. The education system is also not good. So, the entire educational system should be changed.

Legal Outlook:
Steps Taken By Legislature:
Article 21A talks about free and compulsory education to all the children in the 6 to 14 age groups in India which was inserted in the 86th amendment in 2002 in the Constitution of India as a fundamental right. [Mohini Jain V. State of Karnataka1992 AIR 1858].

In 2010, the legislature passed the act named Right of Children To Free And Compulsory Education (RTE Act). The focus on the provisions of the RTE Act like ensuring retention, pupil to teacher ratio and decentralization of academic schedules.

Education Reforms:
The Government of India brings out the National Education policy in order to meet the changing dynamics of population requirements with regards to quality education, research and innovation. This policy focuses on girl education which ensures their constitutional and social security, concentrating not only on the academic activities but also on the non-academic activities, providing affords and access to higher education, strengthening the public institutions with a thrust on the traditional knowledge and addressing the regional disparity.
Human Resource Department is working on integrating three flagship school schemes namely,
1. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
2. Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan
3. Reconstruction and reorganisation of teacher’s education scheme.

Our Indian Government is taking several steps to improve our education system but it fails in the proper implementation. The Government should strengthen the public education. The Government should also provide equitable education to all irrespective of their social status. In India, every children should be educated not for just passing the exams and getting better jobs but for gaining knowledge in the subjects for applying it in the practical life. Everyone should understand the value of education. Stop blaming the Government.

The Government should introduce a new education system in which the students can get practical knowledge on the subjects and apply for the welfare of the country. Here, the students should be taught not only the subjects but also the moral principles. The students and parents also have to co-operate with the Government.

If we want change around us, we have to change first. If we are good, then everybody around us will also be good.

My view is that the Gurukul system is the best educational system because in this system, every student will learn the way to behave and interact with the nature.
Improve Education!
Gain Knowledge!
Serve The Country!
We Have To Make Our India The Knowledge Super Power!

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