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Permanent Seat In UNSC Is Neither Necessary Nor The Only Way For India To Assert Its Arrival On Global Centre Stage

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is considered one of the most vital organs of the United Nations. UNSC primarily concerns with international security and peace-making within and between the nations. It has a bigger pocket with powerful roles and functions. Its operations include establishing and implementing international sanctions, passing UNSC resolutions for authorising military manoeuvres, maintaining peace-keeping. The most important feature available to the only UN organ-UNSC is to issue member states with legally binding resolutions.

Earlier, India has played a significant role at the UN by being in the declaratory body and supporting with requisite tangible and moral support. As per the Indian Constitution, a dedicated Article 51 of the Indian Constitution, has been dedicated to promoting International Peace and upkeep security. From pre-Independence, India has always tried and maintained International relations for the updated development of the country.

And India is an active and one of the founding members of the United Nations and its desire to achieve a non-violence state of relations between the countries, has been offered the seat at the UNSC several times. India has been a non-permanent member for decades cumulatively but also was offered as the 6th permanent nation previously.

But historically, the then Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru has failed to seize the opportunity and turned down the offer in the 1950s ironically for then close ally, China. Since then, many critics have been prevalent due to the rejection and sacrifices of millions of peoples' national interest in International morality.
Then, India chose the path of morality and worked with other International organisations to ascertain its presence.

Positive/Necessary Permanent Seat Cause India Deserves:

The contention behind the necessity for a permanent seat at the UNSC by India is their accommodative nature of International peace and security. India being a sui-generis nation with billions of aspirations for a democratic framework, has the capabilities of strengths and valuing peoples' voice. Also, India in the race of fastest-growing economies deserves a place for its future diverse investments. And India with the world's third-largest military could influence and help.

Coming to technical aspects, India played a proactive role in overcoming brutality and maintaining tranquillity among the nations. No wonder, it holds the credit of having deployed double the number of peacemakers than the P5 countries cumulatively. Above it, India was the founding country for the NAM making it more evident for it becomes a permanent member. Further, India strictly adheres to the UN treatises. Additionally, it has a record for high financial grant aid to the UN.

India being the undisputed leader for the third-world countries due to its initiatives, can strengthen the UNSC more as a moralistic force for the developing nations and embodying it more democratic.

However, coming to how important this position is for India is more crucial. It aids in efficient peaceful dealings with China. Interests of billions of people can be addressed priority. It also aids in indicating its rise of global power and aids in tackling the crux of society. And having experienced diplomats, it can indulge actively for negotiations globally.

To summarising, India has maintained tri-ethically in three sectors like-relationship with the UN, Involvement in International Politics and evolving values.

Negatives/ Alternate Choice Available:
The UNSC at present is not in a state to make any reforms and accommodate new permanent members due to the exercise of veto power by the P5. The UNSC isn't serving the needs and not being a representative for the developing nations. In the year 2005, the legendary General Secretary late Kofi Annan has also proposed to expand from 5 to 24.

However, coming to the case of India not being a member, it has several critical conflicts with its neighbouring nations. Ironically, the UNSC aid in maintaining International peace but in the case of India, it doesn't apply. If India becomes a part of permanent nations, there's a chance of becoming aggressive at these nations. And another aspect is the need to claim complete democracy and there shan't be any governance by religions. India has a history of genocide among the communities of Muslims, Christians and Hindus, poor Human Development Index and is on the list of most corrupted countries that can bring its favourable situations down.

There are several other prominent organisations to look upon to assert their dominance and rule. Few of the organisations are Quad, European Union, lateral agreements with the nations, International conferences like Paris, Copenhagen etc.

India along with Brazil, Japan and Germany considered emerging economies that have dominant worldly affairs are seeking reforms in the UNSC councils. They wanted an increase in the vetoing power of the countries. Since they couldn't achieve reforms, countries like Japan, Israel and Germany have looked after agreements like the Multilateral with the European Union, Bilateral such as between US and Israel and the QUAD.

By switching focus from UNSC, Israel rose as a persuasive, strong and inclusive power making substantial gains for its development overtaking the rest of the world. Though several UN resolutions have been made criticising for its rule, yet stood firm by strengthening its staple resources amidst collapsing neighbourhood. With its progressive powerful nature, it is tying hands with established nations like Bahrain and UAE at its advantage.

The country of Germany having qualified all requisite sovereign instincts like India is worthy to have a permanent seat in the UNSC. The amount of contribution by Germany towards the budget of the United Nations exceeds that of France, Britain and Russia. However, Germany has been positioned as a de-facto powerhouse at the European Union amidst other influential nations.

And in the case of Japan, by rising from ashes, sanctions and constant denials for permanent membership at the UNSC has thrived to establish themselves as an economic powerhouse and a higher GDP.

Therefore, even though such countries request for permanent membership has been struck down several times, yet they managed to sustain along and emerge as global pivots with the P5 and even in some cases surpassing their economies.

Henceforth, a non-approval of a permanent seat at the UNSC would no longer jeopardize a nation's dominance on the international level. Many other doors have opened to make their mark.

Similarly, India needn't get demotivated for staying away from the decision-making body by being a non-permanent member despite being the world's largest democracy and home to 1.3 billion divergent people. The opinions of these people need to be recognised and conserved.

Though UNSC is not everything, yet being a crucial member of it can aid a nation comprehensively for its missions, roles and kinds of credits. Therefore, putting efforts to become a member doesn't go in vain when considering the role played.

Organisations with multi-laterism and a structure will be able to absorb the multipolarity framework is generally more responsive with rule-bending actions and efficient inclusive procedure. Therefore, if India becomes a member, then it would be mutual development for India and the world. Unfortunately, if India won't able to deserve any place, it needs to move on to other viable options and work harder to show its ability.

Conclusion & Suggestion:
A permanent seat at the UNSC is a lot more powerful and significant than any other international organisations supremacy because of its enriching pride and meaningful service. Yet, one needn't reject other opportunities available. Likewise, India by following the steps of Germany, Israel and Japan can expand its wings by not investing greater efforts, ambitions, and strategies for UNSC. India has done its best all these decades and just needs time to be at the right place.

Until recently, during the Pandemic, it aided in distributing Hydroxychloroquine to the world and has gained applause for the help in the need of the hour and increased its respects. Another instance of victory against the UK in the elections at the International Court of Justice has bagged credentials too. And by the introduction of Yoga Day has carved the world by impacting the importance of yoga.

But sadly the prevalence of there being a notion that the permanent seat is necessary and the only way to assert its supremacy at the global stage needs to vanish for the country to live in the moments and satisfy of its non-UNSC achievements.

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