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How LegalTech is Revolutionize the Legal Industry

What is LegalTech?
LegalTech is an industry that uses technology and software to provide legal services. Legal Tech companies are often the start-ups with the intention of disrupting the traditionally protected legal market. Basically, such companies use technology and software to charge, electronic access, accounting, pride management, record keeping, etc.

Use of LegalTech
  • Legal performance management software: Use a number of important background functions, for example, document storage and sharing, CRM skills, appointment scheduling and more. It usually meets other background tools such as office accounting and billing.

  • eDiscovery software: Automates the process of reviewing most attorneys' documents. These solutions identify case documents with higher levels of accuracy than those obtained by individuals.

  • Document and contract management platforms: Easy-to-use or automated tools for creating templates, discussion sections, and content analysis.
  • Workflow tools: Allow attorneys to digitalize and use their commute rotation.
  • Legal conversations: Default law-based tools enabled by AI / ML allow users to find answers to basic questions in a conversation or messenger.
  • Online markets: Digital platforms help clients find the right lawyer quickly.
  • Data security: Ensuring the highest level of security of official records and DLT.

Legaltech companies and leading companies
Since legal issues can be costly and time-consuming, the advent of legal technology focuses on making the same less expensive, easier and faster.

Let's take a look at the LegalTech players:
  1. Relationships
    It is used by attorneys to store, identify and search various documents, to perform contract reviews, due diligence and administrative work. It is used by almost all 200 major US law firms for revenue. Law firms and corporate law firms have hired Relationship Professionals to build their own internal Discovery departments and build new businesses in partnership with them.
  2. Apttus
    This management software has changed the way companies manage sales processes and contracts, eliminating the need for lawyers to be involved at all stages.
  3. Everlaw
    Everlaw allows attorneys to work together to create litigation cases together.
  4. HighQ
    This is used by more than half of the top 100 firm firms as well as technical service firms and corporate clients. With HighQ, you can simplify interaction, legal service delivery, legal performance, customer engagement and much more.
  5. iManage
    This has become an important tool for document management in law firms. Management combines the wisdom of installation, security and risk reduction with market-leading documentation and email management.
  6. Lighting
    Luminance provides a powerful, fast-paced understanding of document review. Lawyers around the world now rely on Luminance to go into their details, providing unprecedented understanding and clarity in all of their contracts.
  7. Libryo
    Libryo filters all the rules and brings only the most important rules to your business.
  8. Lexoo
    Lexoo offers internet access to a network of international tested attorneys. It also serves as a place for business markets, allowing companies to compare and find lawyers.
  9. CrowdReport
    CrowdJustice is a leading online fundraising platform specifically designed for legal action.
  10. Alacrity
    Alacrity is a simple, secure, cloud-based platform that enables clients to manage their foreign law firms and news in one place.

The market for the introduction of formal technology is thriving and is attracting a lot of interest from investors. By 2018, the legal technology industry had set an investment record, growing at a rate of 713%, with LegalZoom protecting $ 500 million from investors led by Francisco Partners and GPI Capital.

The biggest news of 2019 was the law enforcement company, Clio, which received $ 250 million in Series D funding from TCV and JMO Equity, two major equity firms. That year saw the investment in the industry reach nearly $ 1.5 billion. Also, just before the COVID-19 devastated the markets in early 2020, the 15th technology start-up had secured $ 1.4 billion in business funding.

The exact size of this market is difficult to determine. The available information is limited and especially anecdotal. However, AngelList's list of official startups provides a good measure of the industry's growth. In 2009, only 15 firms were registered in this category on AngelList. By 2015, that number had grown to over 700. As of December 2020, there have been 1,400 legal technology initiatives at AngelList.

Deloitte and PwC recently launched tech tech incubators to help law firms in advance access their consulting, technology, legal and investment technologies. Deloitte's legal technology program, Deloitte Legal Ventures, will use original products and services.

The coronavirus epidemic has accelerated virtually every industrial sector, and even the infamous law school of the old school is no different.

Law firms seek innovation in order to improve efficiency and as clients seek lower costs. VCs see promise in space, opening their own funds to support the start of legal technology.
Insider has been following the latest trends in legal technology, from the outset which seeks to disrupt the complex and reliable industry of paper, depending on how legitimate companies use new digital tools. See the latest below.

Legal start-up issues from contracts to e-acquisitions, the acquisition of legal technology attracts money and creates major growth plans. Ironclad, a leading player in the contract space, recently took the $ 100 million blockbuster in its Series D, and plans to use the new capital to double its product development.

In January, the e-Reveal-based company announced both $ 200 million acquisitions and investments in the private equity firm K1 Investment Management, indicating growth as it seeks to adopt a major e-discovery, Relativity. Legal technology companies are nothing new.

Written By: Rishabh Chaudhary - Teerthanker Mahaveer University

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