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Consumer Protection Act 2019: A New Way Forward

The statute earlier than the prevailing enactment became the Consumer Protection Act of 1986. The Consumer Protection Act of 2019, the regulation this is in life now, became enacted on twentieth of July, 2020. The invoice became offered withinside the Lok Sabha, at the eighth of July 2019, with the aid of using Ram Vilas Paswan, the then Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, thru the Department of Consumer Affairs, that became later, surpassed with the aid of using the Lok Sabha at the thirtieth of July, 2019 and succeeding with the aid of using the Rajya Sabha at the sixth of August.

The President of India, Ram Nath Kovind, at the ninth of August 2020, assented to the invoice and became therefore notified in The Gazette of India at the equal date. The improvements within side the society now no longer just gave the purchasers an intensive variety of merchandise from numerous areas made to be had at one place, however additionally accelerated opposition among the manufacturers internally manner past the prescribed limit, for that reason making manufacturers compromise at the first-class of the goods. It indirectly influences purchasers.

Therefore, to manipulate such malpractices and to beautify a wholesome lifestyle and opposition for the purchasers and manufacturers, respectively, the statute has made such amendments and brought a totally new act as regards to those changes. Apart from those changes, the rights of the purchasers upon their exploitation has now no longer changed.

Major Changes Brought In the Act Of 2019

The previous maximum amount for the District Forum was Rs.20 Lakhst, which has now been increased to Rs.One Crore. For the National Forum the maximum amount under the 1986 Act was more than Rs. One Crore, which was increased. it has changed, currently to over ten million rupees. It would help those in authority solve the problems of theconsumers earlier and justice can be served at the right time and place;

Therefore, it would simplify the process while also making it more convenient for consumers to submit cases and also reduce the time of the dispute settlement process. The law also aims to establish the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA), a new regulatory agency that existed in the previous law. The aforementioned authority was not required in the 1986 Act. This authority contributes to the promotion and protection of consumer rights.

It also helps in enforcing consumer rights. In addition, it helps prevent unfair trading practices by manufacturers. They also succeed in preventing restrictive trade practices between manufacturers. Consumer protection councils are also being set up, the 1986 decree was little vocal when it comes to mediation, but the 2019 law introduced a new cell known as the Consumer Mediation Cell.

The arbitration board according to the consumer protection (mediation) rules 2020 is defined in Sec 2 (c) and set up as mentioned in Sec 74 of the Consumer Protection Act of 2019 and makes it easier for the court to work on the agreement through the mediation cells. Of 2019 authorized the State Commission pursuant to Section 50 to review its orders that did not fall under the 1986 Act, as in the case of Prachi Mathur vM / S TDI Infrastructure Ltd. mentioned.

From this work I would like to conclude that this law will bring revolutionary changes in our country, it will contribute to the integral development of our country, consumers will feel safe and the country will be fearless and always happy, safe and protected. This decree will enrich the country, but it must be properly implemented, assessed and respected by the bureaucracy and the legislature.

  3. Review Application No.6/2020
Written By: Sumanth H M - Assistant Professor of Law, Government Law College, Ramanagara, Karnataka-562128

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