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Immigration in UK before EU

If you have been in the UK for 10 continuous years, you are eligible for indefinite leave to remain in the country. An immigration lawyer can help you get a visa rather than applying yourself.

If you have someone along with your immigration appeal in London, they can be helpful throughout the interview and visa process. Or else, you must handle everything yourself, such as applying for the visa, submitting documents, attending interviews, and so on.

While you might be able to handle this process on your own, you'll need a lawyer if your visa application is unsuccessful. This is why you are asked to hire an immigration agency or solicitor.

It is unlikely that you will need to appeal the decision when you hire an agency because they will complete the visa process without errors. You will also be checked for eligibility before applying for the ILR.

Visa approval is impacted by the following factors:
  • It is a requirement that you pass the life in the UK� test
  • Continuous residence in the UK for 10 years
  • Your absence of more than 540 days in the 10 years won�t be counted. For more than 30 days, you must return to the UK

540 days, your application becomes ineligible
To be considered for this position, you must have excellent English language skills

 If you have been convicted of a crime or violated any law, your application will be denied
This is a lot to take in. Immigration lawyers can assist in this regard. Immigration agencies and solicitors can assist you in applying for any of the types of UK visas including a UK partner visa.

This visa may be applied for if we are married to a British citizen or a person who is settled in the UK. This visa is valid for 2.5 years and you are allowed to work with no restrictions.

If required, the partner visa can be extended to another 2.5 years. If your visa is valid for longer than four months, you can enter and exit the country many times.

You must meet these criteria to be eligible for a UK partner visa:
  • It must be the first time you met your partner
  • As a legally married couple, you must plan to live in Britain permanently

To be legally married to your spouse, you both need to be legally married
The UK visa and immigration department sets out financial requirements for your married partner who is in the UK

London office
You can hire a solicitor or immigration agency if you are having difficulty understanding the requirements and eligibility of the partner visa. This information will be explained to you in a way you will understand and they will assist you with getting the visa.


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