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Need to harmonize data privacy laws internationally

  • Promote international compatibility:
    avoid duplication and fragmentation in the regional and international approaches to data protection and concentrate on one unifying internationally compatible initiative.
  • Protect state sovereignty:
    Surveillance issues often have an international or cross-border dimension, the extraterritorial nature of data flows and surveillance must be addressed.
  • Countries with no data protection legislation:
    30 percent of countries have no laws in place adding to the risk of them being cut-off from international trade opportunities
  • Countries with no data protection legislation:
    lead to complex complaints and disputes over coverage
  • Determining jurisdiction:
    prominent issue due to the widespread flow of data across borders and lack of a single global agreement on data protection
  • Promoting e-commerce:
    Barriers to trust and confidence that arise in relation to domestic e-commerce (including delivery delays, hidden costs and fear of fraud) can be exacerbated when it comes to cross-border transactions.
  • Need for privacy:
    UNGCP guidelines establish a new legitimate need for the protection of consumer privacy and the global free flow of information and only an international tribunal can facilitate this.
  • Literacy on privacy:
    Important to educate the public about privacy protection and the use of privacy-enhancing technologies.
  • Laying detailed principals:
    Right to privacy, now recognised as a fundamental right by the UN, needs to be translated into further detailed principles

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