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Establishing an international Media Tribunal for ensuring global oversight over data privacy issues

Key Concerns that need to be addressed by an International Media Tribunal:
  1. Addressing gaps in coverage
  2. Addressing new technologies
  3. Managing cross-border data transfers
  4. Balancing surveillance and data protection
  5. Strengthening enforcement
  6. Determining jurisdiction
  7. Managing the compliance burden

Benefits of an international Tribunal
In all countries with successful data protection laws, a single independent national data protection regulator is observed. This must be opted internationally too. A single central regulator leads to the following benefits:
  1. single point of contact for Foreign companies
  2. single set of guidelines
  3. single regulator for queries or complaints for consumer
  4. single, impact, consistent set of rulings

Feasibility Challenges for Tribunal:
  1. Resource constraints for implementation
  2. non-binding nature of laws
  3. dispute resolution procedures often lead to conflicts
  4. Getting the balance wrong between data protection and data flows can have serious consequences for either the protection of fundamental rights or for international trade and development.

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