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Equipment Type Approval (ETA) License

What is WPC?

A wing was established in 1952 by the Government of India called The Wireless Planning & Coordination (WPC). WPC is a branch of Department of Telecommunications established under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of the Government of India. WPC is the National Radio Regulatory Authority that regulates the Frequency spectrum. WPC Office issues WPC (ETA) License for IT and Electronic products while tackling the needs of the wireless technology consumers. The products that operate on unlicensed frequency bands such as Wireless & Bluetooth, IT and Electronic products that meets the human safety requirements can only be sold in Indian market with prior WPC approval.

What is ETA?

Equipment Type Approval (ETA) is required to upgrade the import of wireless devices in India, this approval shall be obtained from the WPC department. A product that works in the de-licensed frequency band and isn€™t certified by WPC then they must get an ETA certificate. The Equipment Type Approval (ETA) from WPC covers Mobile phones, RFID, Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi technology, and others. A license free status has been assigned, so if a product is operating in that frequency band then it need not required to obtain a license under WPC. To obtain an ETA, a document containing detailed test report of the equipment acquired from a well-recognized laboratory has to be submitted to WPC for representation.

WPC Approval in India

Electronic devices that operate over the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies require WPC ETA license before selling these devices in Indian Market. Electronic devices to be marketed in India require ETA approval of WPC. These devices operate on de-licensed bands of frequency.

Documents Required

Radio Frequency (RF) Test report is required from any ISO 17025 accredited foreign lab or any Indian lab accredited with NABL. Soft copy of the Radio Frequency Test Report is required.
  • Head of the manufacturing unit is required to issue authority letter and ID proof for signing.
  • In case of a foreign manufacturer, any executive of an organization in India can be nominated as Authorized Signatory or representative.
  • A documents describing the technical details of product i.e., user manual.

Importer License

It is a license granted by the Government of India. The WPC import license is granted for the import of any equipment or device other than the Broadcasting Receiver and TVRO system.
  • ETA certificate
  • Purchase Order
  • Performa Invoice

Cost and Time
The cost of ETA license varies from product to product and time required is about 25-30 days.

Validity & Renewal
WPC ETA License is granted for a particular model therefore it is valid as long as the model is manufacturing without any modifications. No renewal is required for WPC ETA License.

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