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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is one of the major issue of society. There are laws to protect women from violence but they have to come forward with their problem then only law can help them. There are many case of domestic violence in India with different cause of violence. In normal days a common person think that he/she is not getting enough time with their love ones and they got lockdown they feel very lucky but on the other side of the country their is some women who got abuse twice a week started getting abuse everyday, for these women lockdown is the worst time of their life and they don't have access to helplines.

As there are some report in different NGO's that "a women ask police for help they just reject that by saying that they got more important work to do". There is a report issued by NCW (National Commission for Women) that during the lockdown the domestic violence case increases by 2.5% from general days.

Domestic Violence
The term domestic violence 'DV' is used in many country to refer to the violence occur to their domicile. The other term used for it was intimate partner violence (IPV) but it also encompasses child or elder abuse or abuse by any member of family.

According to a report published by World Health Organisation that about 1 in 3 (35%) of women world wide have experienced either physical or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime.

The signs of domestic violence are not always obvious and a lot of women doesn't report that they are being abused. even the women's own family is not always supportive at such time because of shame and guilt that of surrounds such issue.

Domestic Violence Also Include
  • Sexual Violence:
    includes forced sexual intercourse and other form sexual activity
  • Physical Violence:
    such as slapping, hitting, kicking.
  • Mental/Emotional Abuse:
    such as insult, using abusive word , constant humiliation, threats of harm, threats to take away children, give negative intimidation again and again.
  • Controlling Behaviours:
    including isolating a person from family and friends monitoring their movement and restricting their access.
National Family Survey-4 (2015-16) suggest that 30% women in India in the age group of 15-49 have experienced domestic violence.

The major crime reported by women in India are cruelty by husband or relative, assault on women with intent to outrage her modesty kidnapping and abduction and rapp.In a society by United Nation in 2018 given his report that all females murders, a over whelming 82% happen in their martial homes,and are committed by an intimate partner or a family member.

  • Economic causes:
    Unemployment, alcohol and drugs may also contribute to violent behaviour
  • Socio-Cultural:
    Dowry related deaths and honour killings is also a reality that testifies domestic violence.
  • Individual Factor:
    Some abusers may feel this need to control their partner because of low self-esteem, extreme jealousy, difficulties in regulating anger and other strong emotions, or when they feel inferior to the other partner in education and socioeconomic background.
  • Patriarchy:
    Some people with very traditional beliefs may think they have the right to control their partner, and that women aren't equal to men.
    According to NFHS data 42% of the surveyed men think there is at least one valid reason for wife-beating.
  • Societal influence:
    Some abusers learn violent behaviour from their family, people in their community and other cultural influences as they grow up.
    Boys who learn that women are not to be valued or respected and who see violence directed against women are more likely to abuse women when they grow up.Girls who witness domestic violence in their families of origin are more likely to be victimised by their own husbands.

Effect Of Lockdown
The nationwide lockdown since March 25 to check the spread of COVID-19 saw the national commission for women receiving a significantly higher no. of complaint form women seeking protection from domestic violence.In April an May 3027 complaints received by NCW across 22 categories of crime against women 1428 (47.2%)n are related to domestic violence. Before lockdown the case of DV is 20.6% in the country.

The counselling centres are supposed to reach out to the complaint pertaining to domestic violence.However, amid lockdown the NGOs and volunteer organisations, that are usually the avenues for women to report such attacks are not working.

Undermining of Gender Equality:
The (SDG)- 5 that seeks to �eliminate all forms of discrimination and violence against women in the public and private spheres, and to undertake reforms to give them the same rights to economic resources and access to property by 2030,� is being enormously compromised.An added challenge has been the importance of intertwined negative psychosocial impact on mental health of women.

Safety Measure
There is evidence that advocacy and empowerment counseling interventions as well as home visitation are promising in preventing or reducing intimate partner violence against women.
It is critical that governments utilize a human rights and intersectional based approach to ensure that everyone, including the most marginalized, has access to necessary information, support systems and resources during the current crisis.

The state governments need to declare helplines as �essential services� that should remain open during lockdowns.

Media can sensitize the public against gender-based violence, publicise resources and services available and encourage the equitable sharing of domestic tasks at home.

Increase resourcing for NGOs that respond to domestic violence and aid � including shelter, counselling, and legal aid � to survivors, and promote those that remain open.

Ensure women's timely access to necessary and comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services during the crisis, such as maternal health services, safe abortion etc.

Finally, the perpetrators of domestic violence must be brought to trial and repeated offenders must be dealt with strictly as per the provisions of law. Written By Mayank Raj

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