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Formulating Guidelines To Curb Display Of Nudity, Violence And Foul Language On OTT Is Need Of Hour

The kind of unfettered display of Nudity, Violence and Foul Language through OTT platform is accessible to a teenager now a days, was not available just few years ago. What kind of future we are shaping.

Nowadays OTT has emerged very rapidly as an alternative to entertainment. OTT is defined as over the top media platform. It is a means of entertainment which is easily available on the Internet.

The earlier cinema was seen as a means of entertainment. Before the cinema, circuses, drama etc. were the means of entertainment. Then came the time of television and cable operators. Nowadays OTT has emerged as an entertainment option.

Until a few days ago, Netflix was mainly OTT platform. Nowadays MX Player, Voot, Disney Hotstar, Amazon Prime, A.L.T. Balaji, Zee 5 etc. are providing such services. In the coming days, many companies are trying to venture into this platform.

The reason for OTT being popular is that the general audience can watch any program at their convenience at any time on their mobile. The biggest worry is that OTT web series is full of pornographic scenes, Violence and vulgar language use. Whoever watches these scenes will definitely have a bad impact on the mind, especially teenagers. Ashram, Mastram, Charam Sukh etc. web series are full of pornographic scenes and use of vulgar language. Producer of these web series does not refrain from showing anything just for financial gain.

Supporters of OTT say that in order to make the story more original display sexual intimacy, use of vulgar language, display of violence etc. are essential. But what to what extent, is the main question? Is it necessary to display pornographic scenes, use of vulgar language, violence etc. in the name of originality? Those who support display of such a scene on OTT web series, also say that web series are not seen with the family. Everyone sees it alone on their mobile.

So, if we go by the reasoning of such supporting that a web series can be viewed alone, should it be allowed to watch anything? Should it be allowed to pollute the mind of teenagers and other viewers to any extent? The answer would be certainty no. Some reasonable control must be exercised on the display of such adult contents.

Nowadays people have stopped going to the cinema hall in the Corona era. Under these circumstances, OTT has become quite popular. In the coming days, OTT is likely to become more popular. Movies and cable TV are prohibited from showing adult content. No teenager could watch an adult movie on Cinema Hall and Cable TV But such sexual contents are easily available on mobile. The teenagers see these sexual contents without any restriction.

If there is no control on the display of such sexual contents, violence and abusive languages on OTT then mind of coming young generation will be corrupted with feelings of sex and violence. Now the time has come that the government of India should formulate some laws and regulation for materials showing on the OTT platform, otherwise it can have very harmful effects on the development of the character of the young generation.

Formulating guidelines to curb display of Nudity, Violence and Foul Language on OTT is need of Hour. Without this , we can not ensure a bright future of coming generation.

Written By: Ajay Amitabh Suman, Advocate

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