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Should Right To Recall Be Made Fundamental Right

What kind of democratic set up is prevailing in our country? Leaders and political parties comes in power by making unrealistic promises. Once they come in power, they forget every this. The people at large , despite having feeling of being cheated, have no other option but to await the next election.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who promised free Wi-Fi to the people of Delhi. Till date, that promise has remained a Chunavi Jumla (false election promise). Talking against religion and caste-based politics, he came to power, but when the election comes, he starts wearing a turban at the Gurudwara, sometimes going to Varanasi and taking a bath in Ganga River, sometimes going to the Mosque and starts offering namaz. The promises made against their caste and religion politics proved to be false.

Here, Lalu Prasad Yadav's son Shri Tejashwi Yadav is also no less. In Bihar elections, Mr Tejashwi revived his political life by promising 10 lakh jobs. However, to date, no road map has been given by him.

Similarly, Mr Akhilesh Yadav is issuing unscientific statements against the Corona vaccination. He has issued such a statement that he will not get himself vaccinated from Corona vaccine. Overall, he has only one concern. The benefit of this vaccination should go to B.J.P. It is a matter of surprise that his supporters get carried away by this.

It is immaterial for political parties, whether work is being done or not. The prime importance of political parties is this whether the work is being properly promoted or not. Nowadays leaders are also sending pre-recorded robotic messages to mobile. It seems as if some company is promoting its product. All the leader want themselves to keep alive in news. Overall, the reality is that the one who does his publicity in a better way gets a better opportunity to grow.

The leaders are making such statements only for their political benefit. It is immaterial for them, whether it does any good for the country.

The biggest problem is that there is no law to crack down on such false claims and promises. Any leader can do any kind of misleading propaganda, make false promises. There is no provision of penalty. This is a big flaw in our system.

Now if a company makes false propaganda about its product then a person can go to the consumer court. But what about Netaji's Chunavi Jumla (false election promise). A false promise made by any political leader (Netaji) creates an atmosphere of distrust in Society.

Leaders make their politics shine by making false and misleading things. Cheated people have no other option, but to exclude them from the government at the time of elections.
Some accountability must be attached to the election promises made by a leader. These remedial measures are required to be discussed.

Now the time has come to adopt the right to recall as suggested by Lok Nayak Shri Jayaprakash Narayan, so that if a leader proves to be incapable of fulfilling the promises made during his political campaign, then the public gets the right to elect Before he was able to remove that leader.

Though this is one of the remedial measures has popped up in my mind, but there may also be many other ways to get rid of this problem. Like the Political debates, we witness during the presidential campaign and long political debates in the American Presidential election. In the USA, during an election, the presidential candidate has to disclose his road map to fulfil his political promises made to society.

Another suggestion may be that it should be made obligatory for every political party to make public the list of every political promise (fulfilled and unfulfilled), before any political campaign. It should also be made mandatory for every leader to give reasons for not fulfilling his promises.

A nationwide data has to be prepared for all the M.Ps. and M.L.A in India, as per their performance in their past tenure. For a new one, his background and integrity have to be considered. There may also be many other ways, which should be debated and bring to notice so that a healthy democracy can be ensured in India.

And off course these right should be recognized by Indian Constitution. Till the time right to recall is not made a fundamental right, these problems are bound to continue in our democratic set up.

Written By: Ajay Amitabh Suman, Advocate

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