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Allied And Healthcare Professional Bill 2018

"WE need a cost-effective, high-quality health care system,
guaranteeing health care to all of our people as a right!"

Healthy things are good for life and a healthy person makes a good country. India is struggling hard to achieve healthcare among the vast populations and the major cause is a scarcity of mankind resources at all steps of the healthcare system. Further government of India is trying to integrate allied healthcare professionals in to the mainstream of Indian healthcare delivery system.

The government also present the Allied And Healthcare Professional Bill 2018 In which focus on the specification of each field and institution. And make a council at the central level and state level councils. Because there was a need to establish an individual council for the regulation of Allied healthcare institutions and allied healthcare professionals. It golden step towards A.H.Ps. (allied healthcare professional) when allied health field and professional must analysis their current scenario and classify the most vital ingratiation for the reintroduction of A.H.Ps into further public health care delivery system of India.

By analyzing the strongest and weakness attributes, A.H.Ps can come out with existing threats in a systematic way of assimilating the opportunities in the best manner. At present time, the leaders of A.H.Ps perform an introspection and carry out SWOT (Strength, weakness, opportunities and threats) analysis in a proper manner. They can identify that it will help them to real much-awaited rewards in the form of improved health outcomes for the populations of the country. It will great achievement, recognition, and status in the society.[1]

During the last few decades, India focused on the area of the public healthcare system, but still, the position of India is 145 among 195 countries according to I.B.E.F. It clearly shows that India is continuously struggling to come out of this main factor constant increasing population associated with overburden of diseases and various epidemics and spring new infections as we are facing with global pandemic which is covid-19. The worst challenge in the face of A.H.Ps. despite various improvements and progression in health care service, still, we facing a high rate of live birth. As per ( W.H.S 2016).

THE WHO reports clarify the lack of doctors, nurses, infrastructures and midwives in india. Currently, the nurse-patient ratio across the nation is 1:40 which is a serious issue and not sufficient according to the norms of the Indian nursing council. (I.N.C) Similarly, the doctor-patient ratio is 1:1674 and ranking of 67th among developing nations. Although India targets to achieve UHC (universal health coverage) and reasonable healthcare for all, but the compellable of poor GDP allocation on health's geographical distributions of health services, urban-rural interval, and expensive health insurance are the barriers.

Scope And Applicability
Allied and Healthcare Professionals have a major important role play from primary healthcare to emergency support. The manual recognitions and regulations were the need of the hour. India wants to achieve ( U.H.C) so, G.O.I takes good initiative towards in this direction as allied and healthcare professionals bill 2018.

A.H.Ps are a vital role-play the part of the healthcare system at worldwide. As we say they are a type of healthcare worker but actually they have been experts in certain fields of medicine, completed clinical training, and afterward either registered, certified, or licensed in their field. Many types of scopes in allied health, and they are stated often vary from country to country. Basically, they were not a doctor, nurse and dentists but apart from these, they were experts and team members who work alongside or under their supervision ( underguidance).

As per A.H.Ps bill 2018 defined as:
"Allied and healthcare professional include an associate, technician or technologist who is trained to perform any technical and practical task to supports diagnosis and treatment of illness, disease, injury or impairment, and to support the implementation of any ( healthcare) treatment and referral plan, recommended by a medical, nursing or any other H.C.Ps and who has obtained any qualifications of diploma or degree under this act, the duration of which shall not be less than two thousand hours."

Mainly there are fifteen categories are available for allied and healthcare professionals.

Such as life science professional, trauma and burn to care professional, physiotherapy professional, nutrition science professional, ophthalmic science professional, occupational theory professional, behavioral health science professional, medical radiology, manging and therapeutic technology professional, medical laboratory science professional, health and information management professional, physician associate or physician assistant, cardiovascular, neuroscience and pulmonary technology professional, renal technology professional, and primary, community and other miscellaneous cases professional.

In generally, A. H. Ps ( allied healthcare professionals) jobs fall under these categories. Because all of them work under the guidance and supervision of other professionals, technicians generally train for a shorter amount of time than therapists or technologists, with educations needed last two years or less.

Some Important Point Of Bill
The allied and healthcare professional bill 2018, was introduced in Rajya Sabha by health and family welfare minister Jagat Prakash Nadda on 31, dec, 2018. the bill discussed with regulating and standardizing the education and practice of A. H. Ps.

Sec 10:
some duty was given to council such as � take all necessary steps regarding coordinated and integrated development of education and maintenance the standard service, polices and sets standard service, policies, and sets standards of educations, course, curricula, etc.

Sec. 20:
Every state government shall constitute a council to be called- state Allied and healthcare council.

Chapter (v) of Allied Healthcare bill 2018 put many efforts on the establishment of new Allied and healthcare institutions.

It will give a golden result in the future. Again chapter (vii) of allied and healthcare ill 2018 also put the same jurisdiction of offenses and penalties. It will protect to the misuse of this bill.

If any persons entered in the central register or a state register falsely represent themselves, they have punished according to these provisions.

Allied Healthcare bill 2018

Some negative aspect of last few years
Skill Gaps for Allied healthcare professionals & HRH shortfall India faces an acute shortage of over 64 lakh skilled human resource in the health sector with Uttar Pradesh alone accounting for a shortfall of 10 lakh allied healthcare professionals, according to a study titled 'From Paramedics to Allied Health Sciences: landscaping the journey and way forward' undertaken by he Public Health Foundation of India for the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Allied Healthcare bill 2018

Some Positive Effect Last Few Years [2]

Allied Healthcare bill 2018

e development of allied and health professionals gives a new shape to health-care sector in India. The formation of new team of healthcare professionals in the present Indian healthcare delivery system, it will possibly to bridge the gap between supply and demand for the medical workforce in the country.

Therefore the implementation of bill to regulate these professions by setting u councils on the lines of the councils for pharmacy, nursing and other professions. The proper regulatory framework is required which will help to the re-creation of allied and healthcare professionals. here A. H. Ps play a major role in the health care of patients because they are skilled and expert and improve the quality and accessibility to health- care service.



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