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Policing During The Time Of Corona: The Indian Context

As per the Oxford COVID-19 Government Reaction Tracking system, India has the most rigorous lockdown in comparison to other countries, with a perfect score of 100. The resources provided to Indian law enforcement authorities are insignificant. Despite these disadvantages, they have met the task of imposing the lockdown while also enhancing national security.

This article review claims that such resistance originates from two main sources:
  1. A growing sense of skepticism among a specific segment of the population, and
  2. An instrument of defiance against the state.
A quantitative analysis to the occurrences that transpired in India during the 21-day closure timeframe will be explored in order to create the aforementioned hypotheses.

During an outbreak, policing has no clear instructions or duties to play in determining the responses. Isolation is something the servicemen are trained to do, but never on such a large magnitude. As the nation's 1.3 billion people were taken by surprise by the hurriedly announced closure, police officers jeopardized their lives on the street corners to guarantee that the nation's 1.3 billion population remained safe indoors, warning offenders or using power to clear the roadways; Constructing Lakshman Rekhas to space individuals out next to businesses and bazaars; patrolling at naka (barricades) sites all day and night to inspect automobiles; disseminating information about social distance; punishing those for breaking the rules; and arresting rash perpetrators To be sure, this occasionally caused in overreaction, but this was the exception rather than the rule. Those who did not comply with the screening standards were also tracked down and sent to isolation centers.

Uprisings erupt between 'social group' and 'out-group' when the former integrates a feeling of fraudulence and grudge. In Indian scenario, this sentiment had been building among certain individuals for quite a while now and the final straw had been the passing of Citizenship Amendment Regulation and the announcement of a determination to revise the Total Population Record and National Registration of Residents in the country. Migrant laborers were the worst impacted, as desperate times call for bold decisions. They also saw the state apparatus and police as representatives of the wealthy, who were likely to take such vacations.

Act integrating from ignorance, helplessness, disobedience, and cynicism
From mid-March, the Government of India began taking a variety of preventive measures as the number of COVID19 confirmed cases rapidly increased across the country. In schools, regular courses were halted. Nonetheless, there have been flagrant breaches of the federal and state authorities' instructions in India. A closer examination indicates that these breaches are committed by four sort of individuals: many who are still unaware of the gravity of the circumstance and their own vulnerabilities, and so treat the lockdown casually.

This might be the first occasion that the entire Indian populace has been subjected to a total lockdown scenario in their lives. The Prime Minister encouraged people to stand on their balconies and applaud in gratitude of the physicians, nurses, and other front-line health professionals. The Prime Minister has made an appeal.

The experiences of Eu states, as well as China and South Korea, has shown that social distance is one of the most effective strategies to stop the development of this disease. However, when the lockdown was implemented, there were several occasions where the lockdown was breached.

There were also a slew of violent incidents involving police officers, health care professionals, and even low-wage laborers. Health professionals and physicians have been harassed in numerous areas, regardless of the fact that they are in the top of the list of the virus's struggle. All of these instances demonstrate that some individuals are refusing to cooperate with the authorities in order for the lockdown to be successful and beneficial.

Responsibilities Of Community/Religious Representatives
During the early days of the lockdown, there were instances of religious organizations breaking the restrictions. During this time, however, some leaders began organizing a 'Cow Urine Parties,' and Tablighi Jamaat proceeded to receive volunteers from Covid-19 impacted nations such as Malaysia Indonesia, Thailand, and others.

The Markaz office subsequently became a hotspot, resulting in an increase in the number of corona-impacted patients across India. According to studies, religious authorities have long played an important role in instilling confidence and promoting a healthy lifestyle among followers.

Apart from religious authorities, the police have also performed an important role in fostering confidence among Indian citizens. As a result, such efforts may ultimately lead to citizens actively assisting the police in maintaining public order and preventing violations of official regulations.

The number of people who broke the lockdown in the early days has significantly decreased. Individuals have gotten more informed and well organized than earlier.

Community representatives too, were aware of their duties and urged their constituents to heed official advice. Apart from the significant role performed by community representatives and police, the government's participation in such an outbreak is equally critical. These shutdowns have a variety of socioeconomic and political consequences, but with proper monitoring both at a general systemic level and in aspects of responsive community-oriented and discussion resulted policing, it will be able to sustain a sense of shared undertaking and thus to bring on the society as a critical asset in tackling problems,' and the gap between us and them will be narrowed

Award Winning Article Is Written By: Ms.R. Surekha
Awarded certificate of Excellence
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