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Safety Of Women In India

Today, the safety of women in India is widely discussed everywhere. Now it has become a serious problem. The crime rate is skyrocketing. Women are not safe either at home or outside. Female travelers from other countries also find themselves in a precarious position when traveling to India. But these fears cannot stop them from any social activity. There are laws, but there must be adequate security measures that must be strictly followed to protect against violence against women.

Violence and discrimination threaten women's lives and prevent them from participating in any social activities. In India, she is revered by those who consider her goddess of the surge in crimes against women through Durga, Sati and Sabitri. Previously, women were confined to their homes, but urbanization has forced women to break this prison and show the world their talents on an equal footing with men.

Women showed off their talents in everything from taxi drivers to CEOs of multinational corporations. A woman should let go of the idea that she can't do anything when she leaves the house. They must admit that she also stepped on the moon. Kalpana Chawala, the first Indian woman to land on the moon, has become a role model not only for women around the world, but also for all men who dream of becoming astronauts. She has become an inspiration all over the world.

Domestic violence, sexual assault and murder are common forms of violence against women in India. Dowry death is an extreme form of murder. Indians still have the psychology that a dowry is a tradition and the girl's father loses everything to pay for it. Domestic violence, or domestic violence, is committed by one partner with another in a relationship. Domestic violence is on the rise in India. 70% of women are victims of domestic violence. This leads to depression and suicide.

It is not a direct murder, but the cause of the murder is certain. Moreover, girls are forced to marry at a young age. This young bride is not yet old enough to understand her responsibilities. Acid injection is a form of brutal attack that ruins the life of a beautiful girl. "Relationship cheating" is another common crime against women. A man easily breaks up with his wife and starts a new life with another bride.

Women's safety is a major issue in India and many organizations have started working on it after the Nirbhai incident. Women need to learn a few self-defense tips and tricks to be useful in the worst-case scenario. Numerous videos and information about such protection techniques are available on the Internet to educate women about safety. Key and borderline advice for women: If you feel anything unsafe, we recommend that you leave immediately.

Violence on public transport is common, so she should avoid using public transport at night, and if that's not possible, make sure she's traveling with enough crowds. Do not pick up strangers if she drives alone. Because their intentions are unclear. If you use your smartphone wisely, you can become your bodyguard in an emergency.

There are many convenient devices on the market to help in an emergency. Keeping these gear, sprays, and small knives in your wallet can be useful in case something goes wrong. Prevention is always better than cure!

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