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How Law Firms Operate

A law Firm is a firm established under the legal system where usually one or more partners are lawyers. The Law Firms established under the law can have different objects and reasons for the formation and they are bound to follow them. Some of the areas of operation of the Law Firms are consulting the clients, litigating for the clients, guiding clients over issues like compliance, regulations, etc.

A Law Firm can be litigating or soliciting or both; it can be small, medium, or large law firm cratering different needs of the clients; it can also be service oriented like trademark, patent, copyright, or corporate services; or it can be a full-service law firm.

When Can the Law Firms Be Contacted?

Whenever the litigants have a legal matter and believe that it can be handled in a better way by a Law Firm, they can contact a law firm. Especially, in complex litigations involving overlapping issues that required domain expertise of multiple branches of Law, the Law Firms have been preferred by the litigants in the past years.

Why Law Firms are preferred by Clients?

The Law Firms are continuously expanding the scope of litigation and they are preferred by the clients due to:
  • Credibility of a brand value;
  • A large team of lawyers;
  • More professional and result oriented approach;
  • Reliability and accountability in work culture;
  • Flexibility in work assignments.

Who Can Approach the Law Firms?

The law firms had been traditionally hired by the corporate companies or only the individuals who were able to afford the higher legal fee of the Law Firms. With the evolving times, there have been more options available in the competitive world while selecting and finalizing a law firm. The options include the law firms which are among the top 5 Law Firms in India, and there can be other law firms that may not be at the top, but they are credible, reliable, and affordable. Any individual or an organization can approach a law firm and hire its services after accepting the terms and conditions of the retainer's agreement.

How to Contact the Law Firm?

The Law Firms have been usually contacted through Web-Portal, calls, or personal meetings through appointments. Once the clients retain the services, they can either contact the designated associates or the Client Relationship Managers. All these parameters are governed by the SOPs of the Law Firms.

Author's Opinion:
It is the professional's choice to join an individual practitioner or a Law Firm, and especially, the clients are the best audience to decide the advantages of retaining a Law Firm. Law Firms in India have given enough opportunities for professionals to grow at the same time delivering the best legal services to the Corporates or individual clients.

During COVID times, the top Law Firms in India have given bonuses to their associates/partners, at the same time delivering the best results to the clients. Post pandemic, India has witnessed new trends in almost every business and profession; it seems that the Law Firms will also have a positive impact on the client base in the near future.


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