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Role of Citizens in Upholding Sovereignty, Unity and Integrity of India

In days of yore, the colonial nation of India itself has seriously felt the dire necessity and inevitable essence of true citizenship of Indian inhabitants to uphold the sovereignty, unity and integrity amongst them. The three elements have exultantly kissed the unthinkable zenith of the mountainous multiculturalism in sharpening the birth of 'unity-in-diversity' nationalism in the land of India defending against the British 'divide-and-rule' conspiracy.

The worldwide Oxford Thesaurus entails the meaning of Sovereignty as the state of being a country with freedom to govern itself while Unity signifies the state of being joined together to form one unit and the vocabulary of Integrity is termed as the state of being whole and not divided. wherein each line makes understand that all the three states need many reasons leading to be a patriot citizen of the nation. India is constituted as a sovereign, democratic, republic nation. Collective citizens of India are the supremacist authority � must rule for upholding its sovereignty but never be ruled.

From the preliminary steps of colonial India till the running epoch, citizens have played dominant role in extending helping hands to bring India on the helm of wide-ranging unity and quintessential integrity. Historically, when the constituent Assembly finished drafting constitution and stepped to dress the nation with long-seated prepared landmark constitution in 26 November 1949, the honest citizenship of Swaran Singh Committee made its members felt a corner part of the constitution stark-naked.

It was thoroughly empty from the Article 51A which implies to Fundamental Duties of each and every citizen in upholding the Sovereignty, Unity, and Integrity of India. Later, the 42nd constitutional Amendment asked the authority to somehow add Fundamental Duties to the national legitimacy in 1976. It was ten at first which turned eleven by 86th Amendment in 2002.

Therefore, the universal definition of Sovereignty, Unity and Integrity heartens the citizens to understand that each is complementary to other. To defend against the Sovereignty, Unity and Integrity is not only committed to the administrators but also citizens are universally considered the real guard.

If the troops are dispatched across frontiers of the nation to defend the country against national enmity, the youth citizens are, in more degree, indebted to defend her against indigenous anti-nationalists. If the administrative pedagogue walked out on ratifying diplomatic peace pacts, the insider pedagogue-citizens are limitlessly committed to recommend the multi-cultural inhabitants to keep pace with national integrity.

Likewise, the administrator category of Indian citizens has been honoured with authority and power. It doesn't mean that the unadministrative legions of citizens are adrift. In a socialist, sovereign, secular, democratic, republic nation, denizens are privileged immeasurable roles.

Nobody can alone overcome the passage of even his own life let alone others'. For these reasons, all are interdependent. Denizens as well as administrators all have descended from a factual phase of creation. And the wise creation is merely vested for the mankind. And mankind doesn't live for self-selective advantages alone. One survives his life for the betterment of others as well as he does for his own.

Citizens walk long trek in sculpturing the beautiful idols of "united India" but purely when the visions, missions, and questions of theirs are allowed to be hailed about their 'Duties' rather.

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