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A Grid Analysis Of Theories Network In International Relations Web

A theory of International relations is a set of Ideas that explains how the International System works. The key theories of International Relations is backed up with concrete evidence. The Three C's of International Relations are Conflict, Cooperation, Competition where the reason being that most relations between Countries almost always have something to do with one of the these three things.

The Objective of the International Relations Concentration is to foster Creative thinking about Pressing global Problems and to equip students with the analytic tools, language expertise and cross-cultural understanding to guide them in that Process.

The Major Theories Of International Relations Are As Follows:

  1. Realism:

    It is a theory that Claims to explain the reality of International Politics.
  2. Idealism:

    It is a theory that suggests the priority of Ideals, Principles, Values and goals over concrete realities.
  3. Liberalism:

    It is a political and moral philosophy based on Liberty, Consent of the governed and equality before the law.
  4. Marxism:

    It is a body of doctrine developed by Karl Marx and to a lesser extent by Friedrich Engels in the mid-19th Century. It Originally consisted of three related ideas:a philosophical, anthropology, a theory of history and an economic and political program.
  5. Constructivism:

    It is the Claim that significant aspects of International Relations are historically and socially Constructed rather than inevitable Consequences of human nature or other essential Characteristics of World Politics
  6. Feminism:

    It is the theory of the Political ,Social, Economic Equality of the Sexes and an Organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests.
  7. Functionalism:

    It is a theory of International relations that arose during the inter-war period principally from the strong concern about the obsolescence of the State as a form of social Organization.
  8. Isolationism:

    It is the Policy of doctrine of isolating one's country from the affairs of other nations by declining to enter into alliances, foreign economic commitments, International Agreements etc.
  9. Interventionism:

    It is the policy or doctrine of Intervening, especially government interference in the affairs of another state or in domestic economic affairs.
  10. Exceptionalism:

    It is the study of the unique and exceptional theory that a nation, region or political system is exceptional and does not conform to the norms.
  11. Expansionism:

    It is a Policy or practice of Expansion and especially of territorial expansion by a nation.
  12. Transcendentalism:

    It is a Philosophical movement that started in the 1830s with the belief that the most important reality is what is sensed or what is intuitive, rather than what is thought such as scientific knowledge.
These are the major theories that exactly defines the Concept of International Relations in a systematic way.

Written By: A. Jonah Elisa Shiny

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