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Gender Discrimination About Women

Women was treated as the goddess in our country from the last 70 years, they are so many goddess like Lakshmi, Durga, Saraswati etc...and like wise women was also treated as goddess of wealth, but the problem in so our present society was discrimination. women was always treated low then every men with in the society. They were not providing the basic fundamental rights to the women or for the girl children.

In our country the government and the other sectors like NGO and helping to develop women by providing employment, education to every girl child etc... But the prefect development comes when both the men and women are treated equally in every sector from the employment to the household sector.

From the past years, our country had a lot of women empowerment like, as in our past ages girls are only permitted to the household work, they where married at there younger our country was developed from past year but the real development of women comes when women where equally treated with men, where women's character is decided by her own character not by her dressing, they are so many problems in society from a girl child to an women.

In our country over a population of the girl children over a day an at least a girl had been killed may be due to family issues, economic status.

I had seen recently a family in our locality had sold there girl child due to economic status, there thoughts where a boy child can go to work and can earn money, but a girl child cant so let us sell her and will get money. Girls are not toys for selling. we see lot of child marriages in the socially now a days to and women are sexually assaulted.

Problems with in the society:
  1. Gender Inequality
  2. Domestic Violence
  3. Early Marriage
  4. Child Labour


Government and the NGO and developing women by education, employment of girl child, providing acts for the developing of women, but the development of women starts with in society when women and men are treated equally in the society.

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