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Right To Breast Feed

Right to Breast Feeding:
It is the latest right which is added in the Article 21 of the Indian Constitution. On 29 sept. 2021 , Justice Krishna S Dixit of Karnataka high court said that the lactating mother have a right to breastfeed the child and it is a inalienable right.

In this habeas corpus petition , the baby was stolen from the biological mother and given to the foster mother the court observed that the child needs to be breastfeed otherwise the child will become weak and his lactating mother have a full right to feed the kids.

The court also said that genetic parents can do better care of a child than the foster mother and the child also needs his biological parents because they have a soul connection and the parents treat them as a part of their same body. The foster mother can not do those things for a child which biological mother can do. And in this case the foster mother was not having any child but the biological mother was already having children at home, so, the biological mother was already hiving an experience that how to raise children and how to treat them , educate them and keep hygiene and on other hand the foster mother was lacking that experience. The court also said that the child cannot live with strangers.

Article25 (2) of the universal declaration of human rights and article 24 of the international covenant on the civil and political rights they recognize the right of the child for their protection as they are minor and it is also a duty of a family, society and government to protect them and their rights.

It was very bad and lack of care that the child remained un breastfed , it is a age where the child can not not consume any other thing except mother's milk and the child was not getting that , this thing was very dangerous for the child , this could have caused death also and the child continuously cries when he is hungry so due to that the child have lost a lot of energy which can make the child weak and have created serious complications for a child. That was very wrong that child suffered due to this stupidity of foster mother.

So the child was given back to the biological mother because she needs to feed the child and child needs the mother's milk , biological parents can raise the child better than foster mother and no one have a right to steal kids and foster mother was not having any experience that how to raise children and she was not able to breastfeed the child.

And as we all know that the new born baby can not eat and drink anything other then mother's milk so it is very important for the immunity of the child and lactating mother have a right to feed her child anytime at any place , it will on be considered as offensive.

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