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Child Marriage India

In India a person who is less than 18 years was treated as a minor. According to Indian Minor Act, and a girl was 18 years and a boy who was of 21 years were eligible to get married legally. where the marriage with the minor was illegal. in the past years mainly in Indian states, there is a huge number of Child Marriages, to Stop child marriages in our country for the first time, The Child Marriage Restraint Act, 1929 was established.

Child Marriage Restraint Act 1929

  • Called as child marriage restraint act, which was came to force in April 1st of 1930.
  • It deals with the subject about the marriage of girls and boys who was less than there legal marriage age
    In the past as par Indian culture, a girl who was less than her minority age was married to an old man. to abolish these types of marriages child marriage restraint came to force. Which prescribed punishment to the parents. but due to this act the child marriage was not totally abolished.
  • Since, 2006 The Prohibition Of Child Marriage Act, was came to force.
  • This act came to force on 1st March 2005. this was created to protects the victims of child marriages.


This child marriage leads to the declination with in the society,
the child marriage ends childhood, influence the mental physical health of children, influence the education of children with in society.There is a huge bad impact of children with in there health and society.

Age Of Marriage:

Before 2021 the marriage age of a girl was 18 years and the age of the boy was 21 years, but in December 20 2021 there is an issue in lok sabha to increase the age of women from 18 to 21 but the judgment was not issued on the issue.

Written By: Sasi Priya Gadiraju

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