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Martyrs Day

Martyrs day:
Martyrs day is also known as shaheed diwas, which was celebrated 23 rd March of every year and January 30 of every year.

Which was celebrated because of the contribution of great leaders, Bhagat Singh, Shivaram Rajguru And Sukhdev Thapar. This day is also considered as the black day in India, British government hanged the three political leaders.

History And Background:
This was the contributions of great political leaders for India.
The great leader Lal Lajput rai was shooted on November 1928, by the British government who was the one of the main leader of the Simon commission, the non violence turned into the volience. To take revenge on the British government the three great leaders are hanged, for the sacrifice of the great leaders we celebrate this day as martyrs day.

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