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An advocate is an individual who speaks, writes, or defends the client in a court of law. It is alternatively used for lawyers, barristers, attorneys, and counselors. He is one who plays a vital role in legal cases. They are also called the legal advisors or the legal representatives of an individual or a group. He is professionally qualified to plead the client's legal case in the courtroom before the judge.

They often work around civil cases. They tend to take the responsibility of reading the contracts and dealing with legal disputes. The aim is to settle for a favorable deal that serves the best interest of a client.

More often, the work activities of advocates in Dubai resolves around scrutinizing and drafting the contracts and agreements. They represent the group or a person with specific interests which is regarded as part of their job. They will research the factual findings and figures that would support their client and benefit them. This also involves collecting the shreds of physical evidence. These pieces of evidence will assist with their claim. Nevertheless, the advocates in Dubai are also responsible to attend the court sessions while the dispute between the parties is going on.

An advocate works for the various law firms in Dubai in various positions. For the position, they need to have a legal education. It is the basic requirement to pass the bar examination in order to work as a defense or for prosecution. They will go to the courtrooms in front of the judges and jury. They will defend their clients with the collected shreds of evidence along with the help of witnesses. He is the legal representation of a client in a court of law and also provides legal advice.


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