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Accountability Of Traffic Police Personnel

As per the current data, India is home to 138 cr. people. As per the report of Indian express, two in three households own two-wheeler vehicles while one in three owns four-wheeler which has become the prime reason for the increase in Traffic Jams. The responsibility of Smooth run of traffic has been given to the respective state traffic police departments. The main work of traffic police personals is to check the documents of drivers on road, so that infringement of law can be prevented.

Traffic police are been instructed to check the validity of vehicle insurance riders if needed as vehicle insurance protects an individual against financial loss in the event of theft. It is mandatory to help the family of the deceased who might lose their life in a car accident. The compensation under the Motor Tribunals Act was introduced to ease the burden on the families.

The above thing mainly talks about the accountability of civilians towards traffic personals as per the motor vehicle act. Now let's talk about the accountability of traffic police personals. Traffic laws go the same way with traffic personals as it goes with the civilians hence it must be followed and obeyed in the same way by traffic personals the way civilians do.

It's a harsh truth that around 30%-40% of traffic / normal police personals disobey traffic rules and regulations due to the absence of authority to which those personals will be accountable if they violate traffic laws and regulations. It's a harsh truth that only middle and lower-class civilians suffer when they break laws while most of the time the upper class gets away by offering a bribe.

Until now, traffic police personals are only accountable to their higher authorities, officials of the court, and legal practitioners. one cannot deny the fact that traffic police personals do ask for money even if all the documents are to be shown are okay and updated. Hence keeping the issues in mind which are been faced by civilians due to inadequate behavior and attitude of traffic police personals, the legislature must pass a bill to form a committee in the respective state to which all the traffic police personals will be accountable irrespective of their hierarchy.

The committee will appoint a certain no. of under-cover officials (undercover so that the corrupt traffic personal doesn't become aware and act as a sincere officer in front of that committee-appointed official) who will check whether a traffic personal is doing his/her duty honestly or not. Whether that traffic person's own vehicle-related documents are okay or not. Whether that traffic personal is charging extra if a rider breaks the law. everything will be examined by committee appointed official.

The official will make a report regarding the traffic police personal and will submit it to the committee . If the traffic personal does his duty sincerely then the committee may or may not recommend promotion to the traffic department on the basis of his/her performance. If the committee finds the traffic personal corrupted, the committee will take necessary action against the traffic personal.

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