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Technology And Legal Awareness

"Technology is society made durable."- Bruno Latour, French philosopher, anthropologist, and sociologist

Technology is considered a game-changer in these modern times, from a person's birth to their death technology comes into action every second of their lifetime. But before we go deep into the topic we need to define technology. According to the Oxford dictionary, technology is defined as, "scientific knowledge used in practical ways".

Technology, society, and law
Technology has immensely contributed to the development of the modern societal structure and influenced its betterment to a great extent. With the help of globalizing the fragmented societies and catering to the adoption of the best practices of the other activities in their societies.

With the evolution of law, its objective has changed to guide us to create a society where mutual understanding, respect, and harmony prevail in society. Modern society can maintain its sanity in this hush and bush only due to the prevalence of law. On the other hand, to cater to the growing demands of society's laws and repeatedly adapt and develop itself to attain its objectives, thereby sophisticating the whole legal system.

Legal awareness
The laws were created for the people to understand them and inculcate them into their lifestyle but due to the sophistication of the legal system people have started ignoring laws to the extent that they don't realize their fundamental rights and duties enshrined in the constitution. "Ignorantia Juris non-excusat" means "Ignorance of the law is no excuse". This principle is still followed by the legal systems but we see the gap of ignorance or lack of awareness and knowledge of the law in the society.

Modern problems require modern solutions - Technology and Legal awareness
The usage and presence of technology can be felt across all fields and industries in today's times and it was the need of the hour to reap the benefits of technology for the good of society. This marks the heroic entry of technology to save the people from the darkness of exploitation, corruption and various ism's by creating a medium for educating the public regarding the development and presence of law to suit and cater to the simplification of problems in their lives.

The wave of technology in terms of legal awareness can be felt in the following:
  • Social media platforms
    There are various pages and content creators on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, who actively put out content regarding the various laws present for the protection of the people from exploitative practices. For example, the pages guide the people on the steps or initiatives they should take if they have been cheated or exploited by a shopkeeper, etc.
    There is also the presence of the majestic YouTube where creators post detailed content regarding law and its development and create a sense of security in the minds of the audience that the law is capable of providing them justice for the injustice borne by them.
  • Blogs and journals
    Internet and technology have become a palace full of authentic information which caters to a wide variety of people and these blogs provide additional information regarding various aspects including the concerned people to contact and the channel to attain justice.
  • Availability of contacts and information
    Internet today, is capable of providing contacts of various, advocates, law firms, etc. to the concerned people along with reviews based on thousands of people who have shown interest in their work. Thus, this helps in reducing the time of going through their phone records or requesting several people for suggestions regarding the same and creating an ecosystem of convenience.
  • Videoconferencing with legal experts
    There is a problem with the geographical distance that hinders people from approaching the right people. Platforms like Zoom, Meet, and Teams not only come in handy at times of pandemic but they effectively act as an alternative for face-to-face or in-office meets and help in gathering the best results.
  • Online legal assistance
    There is a huge market of freelancers, who work remotely by drafting various contracts and agreements along with this there are various law firms that provide the same service and resolve the major issue of proper documentation.

    In addition to this, there are various assistance services provided through the use of technology and cater to solving the issues faced by a common man.
  • Live broadcast of court proceedings
    Courts not only act as an institution for providing justice additionally their proceedings help in educating the people about the mechanization of law and educating the people about its proceedings.

"Convergence of technology and judicial system is the need of the hour. We need to go digital and adopt the online analysis of legal cases. Dissemination of legal knowledge to the common man will also go a long way in improving the law and order situation in the country." - Shri. Narendra Modi, present Prime Minister of India

The improvements in the field of technology and law are never-ending and shall exist as long as there exists society and the need for order in society. The people must be educated about the changes in the field of law and technology plays a crucial role in not only raising awareness but also in putting forth the opinion of the people.

Thus, law and technology together could be picturized as a plant with a flower that compliments each other and the absence of any one of these elements could be felt clearly. Hopefully, the amalgamation of law and technology could cater to the growing needs of society.


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