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Climate Change: Effecting Whole Earth

Climate change effects everything from rich to poor, economics to geopolitics. People today are so blind in a race of modernising that they are completely ignorant of the fact that upto what extend it is affecting all of us, either they are unable or don't want to act judicially, but just carrying out such activities to fulfil their greed.

It has reached to this point, that very soon it can wipe out entire world's life. The way growth and development is important, in same manner protecting it and using the resources judicially and sustainably is also equally important (Analysis is important before initiating bigger projects which involves environment).

From past few decades global warming is on rise on our earth, because of the industrial era (which started from 1850s) and human activities due to which the concentration of CO₂ has been raised by 49% in atmosphere which is more than that, what had happened in 20,000 years period naturally according to NASA.

There were some other theories that change in temperature could be due to heat coming out of sun but later on it was cleared that sun is a constant energy producing source which would not change that fast and even if it does it is just a slight change in temperature felt by earth. So only thing left to blame is human activities, industrial era, land used for agriculture and so on.

Impacts of climate change
It has caused huge impact on earth which is now effecting life on earth, biodiversity, flora and fauna, and most importantly humans. Major impact of global warming is ozone layer depletion, which has caused havoc on arctic poles, due to which glacier are melting on other hand temperatures have increased, as recently Vancouver, Canada faced extreme whether change as it was trapped in heat dome, which is also an example of climate change.

Then Africa facing droughts and many places have run out of water, livestocks of farmers are dying without food, Europe ( trying to figure out an unpredicted wildfires ) tackling with wildfires and faced record setting summer heat last year, which is caused due to climate change, with no reasonable doubt, according to scientists. Some other evidences of our earth being affected are, oceans getting acidified as, since industrial revolution acidity in oceans have increased by 30% , oceans absorbing heating to which we can say warming of oceans is on rise.

Adding on to it, frozen water is also melting, weather in past few years is getting more extreme, as Mumbai, India is facing hottest march this year since, 1907. Also,climate change has effected agricultural produces, ripping period has shifted upto 2 months and God knows, what else is going to happen. All of this is ultimately affecting human health as life span of humans have decreased upto 10 years and it may be even more, and how can we ignore animals and plants which are being affected by it, their shelter, food everything is affected.

Causes for climate change
Causes for climate change are very clear, we all are aware that humans are responsible for this damage, their activities have lead to severe destruction of their own future generation, some notable and chief components which are released in atmosphere that ultimately affect our environment as a consequence it's inclining towards severe and quick climate change. Those components are carbon dioxide, water molecules, nitrous oxide( another active greenhouse gas mostly produced by cultivation practices ), CFCs( but now largely regulated in production and release to the atmosphere) and methane, all these gases are greenhouse gases contributing towards raising greenhouse effect. All this has, indisputably started with industrial revolution.

Solutions and Suggestions
After the scientists have warned world over climate change, so many measures have been taken, many countries are taking steps individually, they have been looking forward for sustainable resources, reducing carbon foot prints, eco-friendly goods are being encouraged, producing less waste and taxing industries on emitting carbon every ton, for example Australia is so near in achieving its set goals in reducing carbon emissions.

Recently, (oct-nov, 2021) COP26 took place in Glasgow for around 2 weeks, where 200 countries, delegates and other members got together and discussed on climate change and coming up with solutions that what they can do, to reduce it. Countries have reaffirmed the Paris agreement goal of limiting the increase in global average temperature that they can cut down the rise in temperature from 2℃ to 1.5 ℃, which is an appreciative step towards saving and protecting our environment.

Further, they have decided to halt the cutting down of forests and reversing the forest loss, and planned to reduce the emissions of methane gas by 30% by 2030. Over 30 countries set out determination for all new cars and van sales with zero emissions by 2045 globally. Some other countries have promised to aid developing countries for upto 100 billion US dollars towards achieving global net zero emissions.

Leaders from powerful countries have announced to make a just transition away from coal, to a low-carbon economy. UN is looking forward towards sustainable development goals, in view of same there were many conferences and Sumits took place, which are IPCC Climate Report, 2018 which aimed to limit the rise in global warming by 1.5℃ as compared to 2℃, Climate Action Sumit 2019 where un secretary Ant�nio Guterres asked attending members and other countries to reduce greenhouse emissions by 2020 and many other.

Sustainable Development Goals set other 17 goals; no poverty, zero hunger, good health and well-being, quality Education, gender equality, clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean Energy, decent and work economic growth, industries, innovation and infrastructure, reduced inequalities, sustainable cities and communities, climate action and other goals.

In upcoming days, United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on climate change (IPCC) will be presenting the report for policy makers titled Climate Change 2022: Mitigation of climate change. The report will mark the closure of 56th session of IPCC that began on 21st march this year.

The body had earlier released two reports on the dangers of climate change and how the situation is going from bad to worse across the world. In its latest report released in February this year, the UN intergovernmental Panel on climate change said that if human-caused global warming isn't limited to just another couple tenths of a degree, an earth now struck regularly by deadly heat, fires, floods and drought in future decades will degrade in 127 ways with some being "potentially irreversible". More people are going to die each year from heat waves, diseases, extreme weather, air pollution and starvation because of global warming, the report says.

Even when scientists are warning time to time then also very few have acted upon, handful countries are taking it seriously, even when they know the consequences are life taking and are certain that it can wipe out entire human race if not halted. Even though there are some some countries which are taking it seriously but majority countries like India and other developing countries seems like they don't give a damn about their future generation, despite the rules are made to protect and take care of our environment but when it comes to implementation it seems that either they are unaware or illiterate on the topic of environment, they are so greedy and hungry that tomorrow's generation is completely neglected by them.

If every individual with the sense of responsibility will take initiative towards a better environment and help save it, only then there are possibilities to slow down these severe climate disruptions.


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