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Moral Education: A Panacea For Delinquency

In today's scenario, the morality is losing streak which results into the disorganised individuals, which appears as social disorganization consequently.

The deprivation of moral sense among the youth is the cause of alarm. Because these adolescents are indulging themselves in unethical conducts which cannot be petty only but grave also. There might be a lots of factors for this concern but among the individual factors lack of morality has a greater role.

Nowadays, it is apparent that little kids are using abusive language and talking shits. They are adapting unharmonious nature. Youth is engaging themselves in the adult world culture because one joins and enjoys the culture where their desired behaviour is the normal behaviour. It's all their desirements which lack the moral aspects in them.

Criminogenic attitude can be seen among the juvenile. Despite the fact that there is increasing evidences of engagement of youth with the adult. It is also believed that delinquency is product of personal maladjustment i.e. losing of moral sense.

The changes in the religious ideologies also have a direct bearing on losing of morality because morality can best be preserved in a society through the institutions of religions.

The official data about Juvenile, which are always underestimate, are alarming the bell, showing the uprising in the heinous offences, like murders and rapes, in the past few decades.

In the view of current situation, there is the dire need of moral education, whether we have the education policy which is futuristic on global parameters, which is also helpful in finding the capabilities and potential of students after being properly taught.

But where our upcoming generation will head towards without morals. Theodore Roosevelt have very rightly said,
"To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society."

We need moral education to help children and make them virtuous. We need to make children well informed and reflective about controversial and important moral issues. Most of us agree, too much education is relentlessly centred on economic and technological development � both of which are are needed, of course. But in the end, only thing that bind us together with our fellow beings is morality.

So morals, values, ethics and character education must be taught to children. And it is not the duty of the school and college curriculum only but it's up to parents, family, society and each one of us also to teach them lessons, so that they can be stopped from getting spoiled. As delinquency and morality both are indirectly proportional, the upsurge of moral values will definitely help to curb the curve of delinquency among children and at length it will curb the crimes all-around.

Written By: Mohit Rawal

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