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Crime And Its Crime

Crime and its causes: the intentional commission of an act that is usually deemed socially harmful or dangerous and that is specifically defined, prohibited, and punishable under criminal law. An act that is punishable by law because it is prohibited by statute or is harmful to the public welfare. We have criminal law, civil law, common law, court, police, and procedural law for comprehensive treatment of specific legal aspects of crime.

Bentham- believed that any person or group who committed acts that were harmful to society should be imprisoned. He worked on a prison concept in which guards could monitor every prisoner at any time without the prisoner's knowledge.

Tappan-crime is defined as an intentional act or omission in violation of criminal law that is committed without the consent of the victim.

Hall Jerome-A legally prohibited and intentional activity that has a negative impact on society's interests, has a criminal intent, and is punishable.

  1. Poverty:
    One of the most obvious reasons why people commit crimes is poverty. In this aspect, economic deprivation is viewed as a crucial catalyst. It is normal for people to commit crime in a society where economic distress is widespread. Many people become involved in criminal cases as a result of hunger and poor economic conditions.
  2. Peer Pressure:
    In today's world, peer pressure is a relatively new worry. Many young individuals commit crimes after seeing many of their peers do so. Drugs, weed, marijuana, and other substances are commonly used by school and college students. Unfortunately, many young people around the world are unaware that they are engaging in several illegal offences by participating in activities they are not permitted to. As a result, peer pressure is a well-known reason why young people feel driven to follow in the wrong footsteps.
  3. Drugs:
    Drugs have always been a source of controversy among critics. A drug addict will do something he or she isn't supposed to do at some point in their lives. Drug abusers are frequently unable to overcome their addiction, and as a result, their lives become cluttered with negative behaviours. A bad lifestyle forces a person to engage in behaviours that he or she should avoid.
  4. Politics:
    This is a topic that is sometimes overlooked, but it is critical to bring it to light. Many politicians are swayed by the desire to gain that seat by arming adolescents and encouraging them to engage in criminal activities. In today's world, it's normal for politicians to hire crowds and rent people for a reduced price in order to break into a building or instigate a civil war within the country. Several incidents have been reported in Asian countries where politicians have been found guilty of mass murder.
  5. Religion:
    Religion is a contentious topic in today's world. People still battle in society over racial divides and sectarian issues, which no one can deny. Even though it is a basic human right to practise one's own religion, many uneducated and illiterate people are unaware of this. In various criminal instances, religious extremists have been accused of murdering innocent people on the basis of their religious beliefs. People frequently hack off the heads of their own people, especially in religious communities, if they discover someone discussing the contemporary world. However, the crime rate due to religion is quite low in advanced and secular countries.
  6. Family Situations:
    Any person who is about to commit a crime has a weak point in his or her family. If you are unable to provide for your entire family as a poor individual, you may consider taking the negative route to obtain what your family requires. There are a variety of factors that might lead to a person becoming involved in criminal activity inside his or her family.
  7. Society:
    Norms and standards in society have always been a hot topic. In today's world, money is valued more than relationships and a basic level of living. It is normal for less affluent people to feel pushed to earn more when wealthy people flaunt their money in society. As a result, displaying your wealth in front of the poor and needy, or anyone from a middle-class background, contributes to society's murder rate.
  8. Unemployment:
    It's discouraging when you can't find work after years of learning in high school and university. Unemployment is not only a problem in impoverished countries, but it is also a problem in rich countries. Unfortunately, people spend a lot of money on their education yet rarely find a solid job right after they finish their studies. When young people participate in illegal activity early in their lives, it almost always ruins their careers.
  9. Poverty:
    Another key factor contributing to the rising crime rate is deprivation. People commonly rebel and transition into conducting renowned actions in countries where they are deprived of even basic rights due to economic distress. In addition, disputes over land, property, and riches are prevalent in tiny settlements. It is common for furious individuals to ruin vehicles, houses, and other property, especially during election campaigns, to demonstrate to the government how harsh they can be if their rights are not respected.
  10. Legal Inequity:
    When people are denied justice, they become enraged and commit crimes. Though most courts of justice do their best based on the evidence available, sometimes innocent people are found guilty in court, forcing them to show the world their nasty side. Thousands of people accuse the legal system of being unjust and commit crimes as a result. When the winning party's members are not treated fairly, many of them are killed.

As we can see, there are numerous causes for criminal activity, and in order to understand the criminal behaviour of offenders, we must first understand the causes of crime in order to prevent crime from occurring in society.

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