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Sologamy: Kshama Bindu - New Trend Setter

In Brief:
Recently on Friday, June 3, 2022 in Times of India (also other newspaper's) a news flashed, new trend setter - Sologamy. 24 yrs old Kshama Bindu from Gujarat getting married to herself (self-love) on June 11, 2022.

Words taken from Times of India related to the news .... It may seem incredulous, from "feras" to performing traditional rituals and even wearing vermilion, the wedding will have it all. There will be no groom and no big fat baraat. This is probably the first self-marriage or sologamy in Gujarat (probably in India). Kshama Bindu said some might perceive self marriage as irrelevant, "But what I am actually trying to portray is that women matter". My Heartly Congratulations to Kshama Bindu.
Big Question:
Is the marriage irrelevant or illegal. The marriage will be new trend setter "Sologamy" if she will remain self-married to herself till end of her life. In future if she changed her mind (or by force) and remarry to a men..then will it be offence or RIGHT given by our Constitution. Such act is good or bad for the Society, Culture coming future will tell. Kshama Bindu should registered her marriage as per government rule so in future she will get all government scheme benefit and has to follow all Judiciary procedure for getting Divorce from herself if she want to remarry. Setting new trend is easy but carrying it for the whole life is difficult and that too publicly .

Such self-marriage act will have pros-cons that only coming time will tell us one-by-one. Will have direct and indirect impact on the Society, Culture, Judiciary (When RIGHTS given by our Constitution come into forefront).  Heard "No Religion, No Caste" Certificate. In this case Marriage Certificate will be "Husband and Wife Name - Kshama Bindu".
Four Pillars Of India:
Judiciary, Legislature, Executive and Media (media has already done its part) should immediately look into this matter and decide whether such marriage is valid or void. It will be new trend setter if followed by Kshama Bindu if followed for rest of the life else it can be offence (such act can be dangerous to Democracy and Cultural ) and NO RIGHT given by our Constitution.
Four Pillars of India should take this matter (Self Marriage) too seriously. Study pros and cons, track down such Act and give final decision on Self-Marriage Valid or Void before June 11, 2022 and aired publicly.  Last but not least the above views of mine are not to hurt anyone's sentiment but want to express by views about future generations who are been affected by many things like Harass Environment, Fast Growing Technology and other factors.

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