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What Action Can Be Taken By A Legal Metrology Officer After The Inspection?

After conducting the inspection, under the act as per the Legal Metrology packaging rules, various steps have to be taken by the legal metrology officer, who can be the controller, director, or any other authorized legal metrology officer in compliance with the Legal Metrology packaging rules.

The legal metrology officer even has the right to file a complaint against the offender or stop him from selling such a product commodity in the Indian market. He also has a right to see such a commodity in favour of the public interest. The following can be done by the legal metrology officer after conducting the test or the inspection of the manufacturing unit: package of the commodity, the quantity of the commodity, declarations on the commodity, etc.

Actions to be taken on Completion of Inspection:
  1. If there is a default found in the package or the commodity, then in such a case, the legal metrology officer will take five representative samples of the package as evidence after the completion of the inspection.
  2. Action by the legal metrology officer shall be as per the rules and regulations laid under the legal metrology act on the completion of the test of a package at the premises of the manufacturer, or packer.
  3. If the statistical average of the net quantity contained in the package drawn as a sample under the rule is less than the quantity declared on the package, chosen error deficiency in the maximum permissible error, or if the package does not bear the label affixed to the declaration to be made under the rule, then the director, controller, or any other authorized legal officer shall take action by seizing the package drawn by the legal metrology officer as a sample and shall take the adequate step for the safe custody of the package until it is produced in the appropriate code of evidence.
  4. The action shall not be taken if the fresh test is carried out, but if the fresh test reveals any such error or omission, then the Legal Metrology officer has full right to take the appropriate action against the manufacturer, packer, or as the case may be.
  5. The disposal of a seized package shall be made following the provision of the code of criminal procedure 1973.

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